Withdrawal Deadlines & Refund Schedules

Tuition and Fees

Georgetown University’s Office of Revenue and Receivables is responsible for reporting and collecting Georgetown University tuition and fees at the direction of the University Registrar. Accordingly, the University Registrar maintains the refund schedule. 

Withdrawal Deadlines & Refund Schedules

Refund period dates and percentages are derived from Academic Calendars, from University policy for course withdrawal published in GU’s Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin, and from University standard Refund Periods published on the Office of Revenue and Receivables website.

Non-Standard Refund Periods:  For programs with unique academic and refund calendars (ex. MBA, Nursing Online, others), please view those tuition refund calendars which are published on this site. For calendars not found on this site, please contact your program or registration@georgetown.edu for assistance. 

Fall 2021 Withdraw and Refund Schedule: File

Fall 2021 Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

Fall 2021 Withdrawal and Refund Schedule
SessionMain-Full-Session SFSQ-Full- Session Main-First-Session-Mod AMain-Second Session
Mod B
SCS-Full-SessionSCS-Mod ASCS- Mod
Part of TermC01C02C06C07C27C28C29C21
First Day of ClassAug. 25thAug. 22ndAug. 25thOct. 15thAug. 25thAug. 25thOct. 15thAug. 30th
Last Day Waitlist RunsAug. 31stAug. 24thAug. 31stAug. 31stNANANANA
Last Day to Add ClassSept. 3rdAug. 27thSept. 3rdOct. 19thSept. 3rdSept. 3rdOct. 19thSept. 7th
Last Day to Drop ClassSept. 3rd Aug. 27thSept. 3rd *Oct. 19thSept. 3rdSept. 3rdOct. 19thSept. 7th
Withdrawal Period BeginsSept. 4thAug. 28thSept. 4thOct. 20thSept. 4thSept. 4thOct. 20thSept. 8th
Last Day for 100% RefundSept. 7thSept. 4thSept. 4thOct. 21stSept. 7thSept. 4thOct. 21stSept. 12th
Last Day for 80% RefundSept. 21stSept. 18thSept. 7thOct. 28thSept. 21stSept. 7thOct. 28thSept. 26th
Last Day for 70% RefundOct. 5thOct. 2ndSept. 14thNov. 4thOct. 5thSept. 14thNov. 4thOct. 10th
Last Day for 50% RefundOct. 19thOct. 16thSept. 21stNov. 11thOct. 19thSept. 21stNov. 11thOct. 24th
Last Day for 40% RefundOct. 26thOct. 23rdSept. 28thNov. 16thOct. 26thSept. 28thNov. 16thOct. 31st
Last Day to WithdrawNov. 18thNov. 18thOct. 5thNov. 18thNov. 18thOct. 5thNov. 18thNov. 26th
Last Day to Request P/FNov. 18thNov. 18thOct. 5thNov. 18thNov. 18thOct. 5thNov. 18thNov. 26th
Last Day of ClassDec. 6thDec. 2ndOct. 14thDec. 6thDec. 6thOct. 14thDec. 6thDec. 11th

Please contact the Registrar at registration@georgetown.edu for non-standard classes

*Fall 2021: Students may drop until Oct. 19 with an add drop form or email. Students may email registration@georgetown.edu and copy their advisor to drop from Mod B  until Oct. 19. MSB students should contact their advisors for an MSB specific process.  

The refund schedule applies to graduate students and undergraduates who are part time students.