MyDegree is the University’s web-based degree audit program. The tools in MyDegree are clear, intuitive, and are designed to help students and advisor in tracking progress towards completing degree requirements.  


Please click the following link for a video demonstration on the new look of MyDegree: MyDegree Responsive Dashboard tutorial.

You can also follow the guide to the new Responsive Dashboard of myDegree here: MyDegree Responsive Dashboard Guide.



To access MyDegree, log into MyAccess, select the Student Services tab, then select MyDegree, where you will find an audit of your degree requirements. MyDegree shows overall credit and course requirements for graduation, core requirements, and (if your major is declared) major requirements. Information on how to read your MyDegree audit.

Faculty & Advisors

To access MyDegree, log into MyAccess, and select MyDegree under the Faculty and Advisors tab or by navigating to the Advising Student Profile and selecting MyDegree under Additional Links on the student’s profile.

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  • Provides a clear picture of program requirements to help students navigate the most effective path to graduation.
  • Uses checklists to easily monitor students’ academic progress.
  • Helps students plan their class schedules by showing what courses and requirements are still needed.​

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Course Information

Students and advisors are able click on a course still needed on the worksheet and a window will open listing the course description, prerequisites, and sections of that course that are being offered in an upcoming term. The student is able to see the CRN for each section, open seats in real-time, and the days and times the course is being offered.

What If

The What If feature allows students to see how changing their major or minor will impact their progress to degree completion.

Look Ahead

The Look Ahead feature allows students to enter a list of classes and see where they might apply on their worksheet. With Look Ahead, students can see how a course will fit into their program of study before they actually register. This feature is a great tool to use as part of the registration process.


The Student Education Planner (SEP)  is a tool that students and advisors can use to help map out a student’s academic plan to keep them on track for on-time graduation.  Click on “How to create a plan” for more information.

GPA Calculators

Degree Works offers three different GPA calculators: Graduation, Term, and Advice. The calculators help students set realistic goals at the beginning of the term, or provide a path for achieving honors, avoiding probation, or meeting personal academic goals.

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MyDegree FAQ’s

The MyDegree functionality provides you with a summary of the classes you have taken, and the remaining classes you need to complete in order to fulfill your degree requirements. You can also use MyDegree to determine how well the classes you have taken so far stack up towards an alternate major. MyDegree is not the official record of the University – you will need to order an official transcript for that purpose. 

To access MyDegree, log into MyAccess, select the Student tab, then select MyDegree, where you will find an audit of your degree requirements. MyDegree shows overall credit and course requirements for graduation, core requirements, and (if your major is declared) major requirements.

If you are missing credits from a Georgetown-sponsored study abroad program, first check with the Office of International Programs to ensure that your transcript has been received from the host institution. If the transcript was received over a month ago and the credits are still not posted, please contact your dean. If you are missing credits from summer school courses taken elsewhere and the courses were pre-approved by your Dean’s Office, it is likely the case that Georgetown has not yet received a transcript from the host institution. Please arrange to have a transcript sent to your dean. If you believe that a transcript has been sent, please contact your dean. 

Some courses require a minimum grade to be applied to a requirement or are not allowed to apply if they are taken as Pass/Fail or Audited. Georgetown College students must secure departmental approval of courses taken outside the department toward majors, minors and certificates on an Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form. Students should contact their Dean’s or Advisor’s Office for clarification on why a course may not be counting.

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