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In Summer 2024, Georgetown University launched GU Experience, a self service portal designed for students, faculty, advisors, and staff. GU Experience offers a more modern and mobile friendly view with functionality designed to make the user interface more accessible and intuitive. GU Experience will serve as the central location to view course schedules, manage course registration, access student account information, enter and view grades, and request refunds and transcripts. You may also visit the general GU Experience Upgrade webpage.

Law and Med School students should contact their Law Center Registrar or School of Medicine Registrar for more specific information related to those schools.


Students can…

  • look up classes and register themselves, registration instructions are available on the OUR website.
  • view grades and print unofficial transcripts
  • update addresses and biographical information.


What is GU Experience?

GU Experience is a secure web application that is the student and faculty view into the student information system. Faculty can manage and view their student academic records. Students can view academic history, accounts, and financial aid information.

How do I log into GU Experience?

Use a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to navigate to GU Experience, and log in with your SSO NetID and password. 

Be aware that after 60 minutes of inactivity, the system will automatically log you out.

Why are we upgrading to GU Experience?

GU Experience provides a modern digital experience with a redesigned user interface.  It has the capabilities in accessing relevant information in an easy to navigate manner with both mobile and standard web enhancements. It will allow the Georgetown community greater access to relevant data and supports an improved overall user experience for students, faculty, advisors, and staff.

How many users will be affected by this upgrade?

All students, faculty, and staff that utilize MyAccess to access student information will be using GU Experience.

Will there be training on GU Experience?

Yes. There will be training materials and video tutorials available as new functionality is released.

Will I use the same credentials to log into GU Experience?

Yes, you will use your netID and netID password.

What is the preferred browser for using GU Experience?

GU Experience can be used with all browsers. Please ensure you are using the most updated version of that browser for optimal functionality. If you have any issues, clear your browser cache and cookies.

As with any system containing confidential data, the best practice is to always sign out after you have completed your task.

What if I need help or have questions using GU Experience?

Contact the Registrar’s office at for help answering any questions you may have while using GU Experience.

How do I review the Schedule of Classes?

The public schedule of classes is available through the schedule of classes. You will also be able to view the class schedule from GU Experience. 

What tips are there for using the search functionality on the public course catalog?

Please view the How to Search the Schedule of Classes video or the Schedule of Classes Search and Results documentation.

How do I add or drop classes?

The University Registrar’s Registration Resources page includes information, instructions, and policies regarding adding and dropping classes for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

School of Medicine students should contact their Office of the Registrar at for details on how to add or drop classes. 

Law Center students should review instructions on the Law Campus registrar’s web page.

How can I verify I am on the waitlist?

Main Campus students can learn more about the waitlist process, as well as instructions and policies regarding the waitlist by visiting the University Registrar’s Registration Resources page.

School of Medicine students should contact their Office of the Registrar at for questions about the wait list. 

Law Center students should review instructions on the Law Campus registrar’s web page.

How do I view and pay my bill?

For help and instructions on paying your bill in GU Experience please contact the appropriate Office of Revenue and Receivables.

Main campus and Medical School students please contact the Office of Revenue and Receivables at or 202-687-7100.

Law Center students please contact the Law Center Office of Student Accounts at or 202-662-9057.

How do I give my parents access to view my bill?

The Office of Revenue and Receivables website includes information, instructions, and policies regarding your account. Follow these instructions to give others the ability to access your student account information.

Where do I go to obtain my financial aid information?

Main and Medical Campus students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for additional information.

Law Center students can view this information in GU Experience and can find additional information or instructions online.

What if my bio information is incorrect?

Please contact and let us know what data fields need to be updated. You may be asked to provide documentation in order for us to change or update your information.

How many plans can I create?

Currently, you may create and save four plans.

Can I use my plans to register?

Yes, when it is time for you to register, your plans from Plan Ahead can make this process quick and easy.

Can I make notes in the planner?

Yes, select the sticky note icon to add notes for each class. The notes are visible to you and your advisor(s) who review your plan.

Does my status only affect this term only?

Registration holds affects all terms. Restrictions overrides only affects viewing terms.

What is a CRN?

A CRN is a course reference number and is assigned by Banner when a course section is created.

Where can I confirm my programs if I’m enrolled in more than one program?

If you are enrolled in two programs, your Primary and Secondary Curriculum is viewable in the right hand section of your View Registration Information page. You can also view it on your Student Profile in the Curriculum, Hours, and GPA section.

If I click on add, does that mean I’m enrolled in the section?

No, you have to select the Submit button and then the section will appear “Registered” in the status column.

How will I know if I was not registered after I click on submit?

An error message will appear indicating the reason your registration submission was not processed.

Where can I download a PDF of my unofficial transcript?

You can press CTRL + P (or Command + P on a Mac) on your keyword to print or save your transcript to PDF. If you need an electronic or paper transcript, you should click “Request a Printed Transcript” and submit your request through Parchment. E-transcripts are typically delivered within 30 to 45 minutes.

Am I able to print out my term schedules?

Yes, when viewing a term schedule, go to the top right corner and find the printer icon. Once you select that icon, it will allow you to print the term schedule you are currently viewing or save the schedule.

Can I see the grade mode for a course?

Yes, in the Active Registration tab or under Schedule Details, you will see the grade mode indicated for each class.

How do I review my grades?

Log into GU Experienceselect the Student  tab, select Student Profile, and then select View Grades to review your grades.

Where do I go to view a copy of my transcript?

Information about student records can be found on the Transcripts page.

How do I order an official copy of my transcript?

Information about student records can be found on the Transcripts page.

What is MyDegree and how do I use it?

The MyDegree functionality provides you with a summary of the classes you have taken, and the remaining classes you need to complete in order to fulfill your degree requirements. You can also use MyDegree to determine how well the classes you have taken so far stack up towards an alternate major. MyDegree is not the official record of the University – you will need to order an official transcript for that purpose. To learn more about MyDegree and receive answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the MyDegree page on the University Registrar’s website.

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