Please use this Certificate of Enrollment Request Form to request certification of enrollment or graduation.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (202) 687-4020 or at univregistrar@georgetown.edu if you have any issues with filling out this form.

Requesting a Letter of Certification

Eligibility for Certification

The Office of the University Registrar can certify students for current and previous terms of enrollment. Additionally, we can certify a student’s expected graduation date as it appears in the student information system. We cannot certify enrollment of newly admitted students until they have registered for classes.

The University Registrar is unable to write letters of good standing.  Information concerning non-credit enrollment must be directed to the School of Continuing Studies or the Center for Professional Development.

Explanation of Certification Status


Fall, Spring, Summer

Undergraduate Time Status
12 creditsFull-Time*
9 credits¾ Time
6 credits ½ Time
<6 Credits Less than Half-Time

*Students are also considered full-time if they are registered for a University-sponsored study abroad program.


Fall & Spring

Fall & Spring Graduate Time Status
9 credits Full-Time
6 credits ¾ Time
4.5 credits ½ Time
<4.5 credits Less than Half Time


Summer Graduate Time Status
6 credits Full-Time
4.5 credits ¾ Time
3 credits ½ Time
<3 credits Less than Half Time

**Enrollments in the summer sessions will be added to determine the total summer enrollment for certification purposes.