Georgetown University in Qatar

Qatar Refund and Withdrawal Schedule

Tuition and Refunds

Georgetown University’s Office of Revenue and Receivables is responsible for reporting and collecting Georgetown University tuition and fees at the direction of the University Registrar. Accordingly, the University Registrar maintains the refund schedule. 

Refund period dates and percentages are derived from GU Qatar Academic Calendar, University policy for course withdrawal published in GU’s Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletins, or other relevant bulletins.  Standard refund periods for Main Campus Undergraduate and Graduate students during this academic year are found below.

Should a student voluntarily withdraw from courses, credit for tuition will be calculated by the date of the student’s official notice to the Dean, according to periods and percentages listed below.

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

Table 1: Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 GU Qatar Refund and Withdrawal Schedule
Withdrawal Period Refund Fall 2021 Spring 2022
1st – 2nd Weeks 100% Aug. 22 – Sept. 4 Jan. 4 – Jan. 24
3rd – 4th Weeks 80% Sept. 5 – Sept. 18 Jan. 25- Jan. 31
5th – 6th Weeks 70% Sept. 19 – Oct. 2 Feb. 1 – Feb. 14
7th – 8th Weeks 50% Oct. 3 – Oct. 16 Feb. 15 – Feb. 28
9th Week 40% Oct. 17 – Oct.23 March 1 – Mar. 7
10th Week 0% Oct. 24 – Nov. 18 Mar. 8 – Apr. 4
No tuition refund after:   Oct. 23 Mar. 7
Last day to withdraw   Nov. 18 Apr. 4

Summer 2022

Table 2: Summer 2022 GU Qatar Refund and Withdrawal Schedule
Withdrawal PeriodRefundSummer 2022
Day 1 and Day 2100%May 22 -May 23
Day 3 to 980%May 24 -May 30
Day 10 to 1570%June 1- June 5
Day 16 to 2150% June 6- June 11
Day 22 to 2540% June 12- June 16
No tuition refund after:June 17
Last day to withdraw16 June

Course Fees

Individual class may have associated fees (ex. Lab, Materials, Travel, Performance). If a student is enrolled in these classes, the fee cannot be removed. Fees are published in a course’s “Detailed Class Information” page (in the Schedule of Classes, click on highlighted course title to view course details, including any fees.)   

Fees automatically are removed from a student’s account when the student officially drops the class during the semester’s registration Add/Drop period. Course fees cannot be refunded for classes from which a student withdraws after the semester’s Add/Drop period has ended.