Final Exams

The final substantive assessment in a course (exam, take-home exam, project, paper, etc.) must be due during the final examination period, and sit-down examinations must be offered according to the final exam schedule on the Registrar’s website.

Questions regarding the Final Exam Schedule or Final Exam Room Assignments can be sent to

Final Exam Policy

Altering the examination schedule, or scheduling a final examination or final assessment at any other time, deprives students of study days and effectively shortens the instructional semester. 

  • Take-home finals must be due AFTER the study days.
  • Final exams must be scheduled AFTER the study days according to the final exam schedule.
  • Papers may be due in the last week of classes as long as there is also a final exam.
  • Papers may not be due during the last week of classes, if there is no final exam; and should be due after the study days, if there is to be no final exam so that students have the benefit of the use of the study days to complete the work of the semester.
  • Assignments that are not cumulative, such as interim exams, can be given during the final week of classes prior to study days, provided a final exam is also given during the final exam period.

Conflict Exams

At times students will encounter conflicts in the examination schedule. Each student’s Dean’s Office will handle the rescheduling of an examination in the following cases:

  • two examinations scheduled at the same time;
  • three examinations on one day or three examinations in a row (in three successive time slots)

School of Continuing Studies faculty and students should refer to their academic programs for guidance on the final exam schedules for courses at the 640 Massachusetts Ave SCS campus.