Academic Program Development

The University Registrar is responsible for submitting new program curricular information to the District of Columbia Higher Education Licensure Commission (DC-HELC). As a result, students may receive Federally-subsidized loans and veterans’ benefits. All new programs must be published in their respective academic bulletin before submitting to DC-HELC for approval. Departments should consult with OUR before advertising and admitting new students.

All Main Campus new programs (degrees and/or certificates) must be reviewed and approved through Academic Affairs in the Office of the Provost.  Once programs are reviewed and Board of Directors approval is obtained (when necessary) program directors will need to submit a Program Request Form to the Office of the University Registrar. Any non-standard program calendars must also be approved by OUR before submission to DC-HELC.

New programs should be submitted and approved at least nine months prior to the start of the first term of the program. Program developers should work with their school or college to ensure they meet this deadline and obtain any other institutional approvals that may be needed in addition to the Board of Directors.  Undergraduate minors do not require Board of Directors approval and can be submitted to the OUR via the Minor Creation form with department approval.