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In Summer 2024, Georgetown University launched GU Experience, a self service portal designed for students, faculty, advisors, and staff. GU Experience offers a more modern and mobile friendly view with functionality designed to make the user interface more accessible and intuitive. GU Experience will serve as the central location to view course schedules, manage course registration, access student account information, enter and view grades, and request refunds and transcripts. You may also visit the general GU Experience Upgrade webpage.


Faculty can…

Faculty members should work with their departments to make sure they are properly attached to the courses they are teaching so the courses can be viewed and graded in GU Experience.


What is GU Experience?

GU Experience is a secure web application that is the student and faculty view into the student information system. Faculty can manage and view their student academic records. Students can view academic history, accounts, and financial aid information.

How do I log into GU Experience?

Use a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to navigate to GU Experience, and log in with your SSO NetID and password. 

Be aware that after 60 minutes of inactivity, the system will automatically log you out.

As with any system containing confidential data, the best practice is to always sign out after you have completed your task.

Why are we upgrading to GU Experience?

GU Experience provides a modern digital experience with a redesigned user interface.  It has the capabilities in accessing relevant information in an easy to navigate manner with both mobile and standard web enhancements. It will allow the Georgetown community greater access to relevant data and supports an improved overall user experience for students, faculty, advisors, and staff.

How many users will be affected by this upgrade?

All students, faculty, and staff that utilize MyAccess to access student information will be using GU Experience.

Will there be training on GU Experience?

Yes. There will be training materials and video tutorials available as new functionality is released. In addition, we will work with different offices who require specific training for the different functional areas across campus.

Will I use the same credentials to log into GU Experience?

Yes, you will use your netID and netID password.

What is the preferred browser for using GU Experience?

GU Experience can be used with all browsers. Please ensure you are using the most updated version of that browser for optimal functionality. If you have any issues, clear your browser cache and cookies.

What if I need help or have questions using GU Experience?

Contact Registrar’s office at for help answering any questions you may have while using GU Experience.

How do I view my class waitlist?

Log into GU Experience and select the Faculty and Advisors tab.  Select “Class List” and select the term and course you wish to view. Your Class List will appear, as well as a Wait List tab which will be available if there is a wait list for the course.

How do I email all the students in my class?

The quickest and easiest way to to e-mail your whole class, or a group of students in your class, all at once is through Canvas. Support for Canvas can be found through UIS and CNDLS.

Alternately, you can use GU Experience to e-mail individual students in your course from the class roster in GU Experience.  To do this, log into GU Experience, select the Faculty and Advisors tab, select Class List, and then select the current term and desired class.  This will display a summary of the students in your course.  Click on the e-mail icon in the row of the student you would like to e-mail and a new message will be created in your default e-mail program. 

How do I obtain an electronic copy of my class roster?

You can use the following options to obtain a copy of your class roster:

Log into GU Experience and select the Faculty and Advisors tab.  Select “Class List” and select the term and course you wish to view. Your Class List will appear, as well as a Wait List tab which will be available if there is a wait list for the course. There will be an option in the right hand corner of the screen to Export or Print your Class List.

Individuals in your department with access to Cognos can run a report to provide you with this information. Your department chair, administrator, or advisor should be able to tell you who in your department has access to Cognos.

How do I submit midterm advisory and final grades?

For more detailed instructions please see Submitting Midterm Advisory Grades through GU Experience.

  1. Log into GU Experience. DUO is now required to access GU Experience. If you do not have DUO, please visit the Duo Two-Factor Authentication webpage for instructions. Please note that DUO does not always send the automatic notification to GU Experience. Once you have entered your login information on GU Experience, open the DUO app to approve the sign-in.
  2. Click the Faculty and Advisors tab.  
  3. Click “Term Selection.”  Select the appropriate term and click “Submit.”
  4. Click the appropriate grading period “Midterm Grades” or “Final Grades”. Select the desired course from the list.
  5. From the Grade drop down box, select the appropriate grade for each student.  
  6. When all grades have been entered, click “Submit.”
  7. After you click “Submit”, please review the grades you have posted by going back to “Midterm Grades” or “Final Grades” (Repeat step number 4).
  8. Repeat this process for all sections taught. 
  9. More detailed instructions are available by visiting:

Submitting Grades through GU Experience Documentation

Submitting Grades through GU Experience Video

*Note “Rolled” is indicated with a “Y” when the grades are posted on a student’s record. While the flag is “N” you may change the grades online. After we roll, you have to use the grade change process. We roll grades between 6:00 pm and midnight each night. 

Please note

  • Send grading comments to us by writing to For now, no pop up will appear so you must remember to send notes as appropriate.
  • Be sure to send a note with name, ID number, and grade for any student who attended the class but does not appear on the roster.
  • You are not required to submit all grades at once, but you should submit one for each student by the deadline. You may record “NR” for any student for whom you are not able to submit a grade but please provide an explanation. We may change some of these to “F” (FA) according to University policy. We are required to record “F” (FA) for undergraduates and “NR” for graduates for whom you do not submit a grade and for whom the dean does not approve an exception. If you do not submit a roster, “NR” will be reported for all students.
  • Valid grades appear in a pull-down box in the grade column.

Do I enter information in “Last Attended Date” or “Hours Attended”?

While you may enter information in either of these fields, it is not required to successfully submit grades.

What happens if I enter the wrong grade for a student?

You will be unable to make the change in GU Experience. Send an email to for assistance.

Can I upload grades from Canvas into GU Experience?

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. If you need help uploading your grades into GU Experience, please contact the University Registrar. 

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