Spring Withdrawal & Refunds Schedule

Summary of Spring 2024 Withdrawal & Refunds Schedule

Spring 2024 Withdrawal and Refund Schedule
Session Main-Full Session SFSQ-Full SessionMain-First Session Mod AMain-Second Session Mod BSCS-Full SessionSCS-Mod A SCS-Mod BNURO
Part of Term C01 C02 C06 C07 C27 C28 C29 C21
First Day of Class Jan 10thJan 9th Jan 10th Mar 11th Jan 10th Jan 10thMar 1stJan 8th
Last Day to Add or Drop a ClassJan 19thJan 16th Jan 19thMar 15thJan 19thJan 19th Mar 15thJan 16th
Withdrawal Period Begins Jan 20th Jan 17th Jan 20thMar 16th Jan 20th Jan 20th Mar 16th Jan 17th
Last Day for 100% Refund Jan 23th Jan 21st Jan 20thMar 17th Jan 23th Jan 20th Mar 17th Jan 21st
Last Day for 80% Refund Feb 6th Feb 4th Jan 23rdMar 24th Feb 6th Jan 23rd Mar 24th Feb 4th
Last Day for 70% Refund Feb 20th Feb 18th Jan 30th Mar 29th Feb 20th Jan 30th Apr 1st Feb 18th
Last Day for 50% Refund Mar 5th Mar 4thFeb 6thApr 4th Mar 5th Feb 6thApr 7thMar 3rd
Last Day for 40% Refund – Last day to receive a refund Mar 12thMar 11thFeb 13thApr 11thMar 12thFeb 13thApr 14thMar 9th
Last Day to Withdraw Apr 16thApr 4thFeb 20thApr 16th Apr 16th Feb 20thApr 16thApr 5th
Last Day to Request P/F Apr 16th Apr 4thFeb 20thApr 16th Apr 16th Feb 20thApr 16thApr 5th
Last Day of ClassApr 30thApr 24thFeb 29thApr 30thApr 30thFeb 29thApr 30th Apr 20th
Last Day of the Part of the TermMay 11thMay 2ndMay 11th