Classroom Reservations

The General Purpose Classrooms (GPC) are accessible only to current Georgetown University students, faculty, staff or identified organizations. The spaces are managed directly by the Office of University Registrar (OUR). Any special or custom events will need to be detailed in a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed by both OUR and the department/organization. 

Approved users and groups may log into the Georgetown University Room/Space Request System using their NetID credentials. Within groups, access is limited to specifically authorized locations/facilities.

Prioritization of General Purpose Classrooms

The OUR prioritizes classroom assignments as follows:

  • All academic credit sections on the schedule of classes will treated as Tier 1
  • Non-credit sections are scheduled after the academic schedule is completed and will be treated as Tier 2
  • All other non-academic GPC ad-hoc requests will be treated as Tier 3

Operational Statuses

StakeholderAccess/Reservation TemplateOperational Status: Fall 2022
Operational Status:Spring 2022 
Operational Status:Summer 2022
Faculty/StaffOUR GP Classroom Early AccessAugust Week 3
Status: Closed
December Week 2
Status: Open
March Week 2
Status: Open
StudentsOUR Classroom Request Student Form September Week 1
Status: Closed
December Week 3
Status: Open
April Week 4
Status: Closed

Closed– OUR is not taking Ad-hoc Room Reservations at this time for General Purpose Classrooms

Open– OUR is taking Ad-hoc Room Reservations for General Purpose Classrooms. Each request will be reviewed by OUR before approval.

Note: Reservations on the first day of classes or days that follow different academic schedules (i.e. Wednesday follows a Monday Schedule) will not be approved. Anyone who would like to make a reservation on these days should email (new window)

If you have issues with access or additional questions about your request please contact