Classroom Reservations

Fall 2020 Update: At this time, classroom and ad-hoc space will not be available to reserve by faculty, staff, or students for the fall term.

The General Purpose Classrooms are accessible only to current Georgetown University students, faculty, staff or identified organizations. Approved users and groups may log into the Georgetown University Room/Space Request System using their NetID credentials. Within groups, access is limited to specifically authorized locations/facilities.

New Users

If this is your first time using the system, login using your NetID and password, click on the appropriate request form under “Reservations” and begin your request.

If you do not have credentials for an organization and need them or are an organization external to Georgetown, contact Georgetown Event Management Services:

Submit an Event Request

  1. Navigate to the Georgetown University Room/Space Request System
  2. Login using your NetID and password or Organization’s credentials.
  3. Select “Create A Reservation”
  4. Determine the applicable Reservation Template and click “book now”.
  5. Input the request information.

Information about classroom reservations.

Submit a Classroom Change Request

*Must be for a credited academic class (CRN Required)

If you have issues with access or additional questions about your request please contact