Important Dates

Important dates for registration

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for enabling students to register for courses in a timely and efficient way. All students at Georgetown should register online through MyAccess.

Because the Registrar's Office serves a variety of student populations, there are several different registration schedules.  If you are an undergraduate student in the College, SFS, NHS, or MSB, you would select Undergrad Registration.  If you are a Graduate Student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or Medical Center, choose Grad Registration.  If you are an MBA candidate, or any graduate student in the Business School, choose MBA registration.  And for all students in the School of Continuing Studies, please choose SCS Registration.

Summary of Important Registration Dates Fall 2016


Fall 2016: Summary of Important Registration Dates
Date Time Description

Mon April 4

12:01 AM Pre-Registration in MyAccess begins for Undergraduate and Graduate Students


Mon April 4

9:00 AM Registration for SCS students begins on Access


Wed April 13

9:00 AM Deadline for College students to submit Pre-registration requests.


Sat April 16

11:59 PM Pre-Registration ends.


Fri April 29

5:00 PM Pre-registration Results will be available in MyAccess.


Tues May 3

9:00 AM Pre-Registration Completion begins for seniors and graduate students.



4:00 PM Waitlist runs; winners to claim in 24 hours.


Wed May 4

9:00 AM Juniors begin Pre-Registration Completion.



4:00 PM Waitlist runs; winners to claim in 24 hours.


Thurs May 5

9:00 AM Sophomores begin Pre-Registration Completion.



4:00 PM Waitlist runs; winners to claim in 24 hours.



11:59 PM Completion ends for continuing undergraduates


May 6 to May 14

  Registration for undergraduates will be closed during final exams.


Sun May 15

12:01 AM Continuing Undergraduate registration reopens.


Wed June 22

11:59 PM

Undergraduate registration closes.


Mon June 27

9:00 AM New Students Preregistration Opens on Access



9:00 AM New Graduate Students' Registration Opens on Access


Fri July 29

11:59 PM New Students' Preregistration Closes on Access


Fri Aug 26

  Payment is due. Late fees may be applied after the due date for students who do not pay or arrange a payment plan. See Office of Billing and Payment Services.


Fri Aug 26

4:00 PM Waitlist runs; winners to claim seats by 4:00 PM on Aug 30.


Mon Aug 29


Continuing Undergraduate Students' Registration Start Times -

9:00 AM (Seniors)

10:00 AM (Juniors)

11:00 AM (Sophomores)


10:00 AM New Undergraduate Transfer Students' Registration


Tues Aug 30

  New First Year Students' Registration Start Times

9:30 AM - H-K

10:00 AM - N-R

10:30 AM - S-T

11:00 AM - L-M

11:30 AM - A-B, X-Z

12:00 PM - C-E

12:30 PM - F-G, U-W


2:30 - 4:00PM Undergraduate Special Students' Registration at COL Dean's Office, WG 108



4:00 PM Waitlist resumes and runs everyday until Sept 9; winners to claim seats within 24 hours.


Wed Aug 31

  First day of classes following a Mon. Schedule.


Fri Sept 9

5:00 PM Late registration and Paper add/drop ends.


Sat Sept 10

11:59 PM Add/Drop in MyAccess ends. 


Mon Sept 12

  Use the on-line workflow process to withdraw from individual courses after the end of add/drop until the deadline to withdraw from courses.  See the appropriate Academic Calendar.


Tues Sept 13

5:00 PM 100 % refund period for traditional programs end.


Summary of Important Registration Dates Spring 2017


Spring 2017: Summary of Important Registration Dates
Date Time Description

Mon. Nov. 7

12:00 AM Student Access Opens for Preregistration for MC and SFSQ


Mon. Nov. 7

9:00 AM Live Registration for SCS students.  Closes Jan 19, 2017


Sat. Nov. 19

11:59 PM Student Access Closes for Preregistration


Tue. Nov. 22

11:59 PM Deans/ Admins must complete approvals


Wed. Nov. 23

9:00 AM Preliminary Pass


Tue. Nov. 29

  Preregistration results available for Deans / Admins to view


Fri. Dec. 2

4:00 PM Final Pass


Mon. Dec. 5

1:00 PM Preregistration results Approved and Finalized


Tue. Dec. 6

5:00 PM Preregistration results available for students to view


Thurs. Dec. 8

9:00 AM Preregistration Completion for Grad and Seniors


Thurs. Dec. 8

1:00 PM Preregistration Completion for Juniors


Fri. Dec. 9

9:00 AM Preregistration Completion for Sophomores


Fri. Dec. 9

1:00 PM Preregistration Completion for First Year Students


Dec. 8 - Dec. 10

4:00 PM Waitlist Runs


Dec. 12 - Dec. 20

  Student Access closes for Undergrads (Exams: Dec 12-20)


Dec. 21 - Jan. 19



Wed., Jan 11


Start of Spring Term


Jan. 10 - Jan. 18

4:00 PM Waitlist runs during weekdays


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