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The University Registrar

John Q. Pierce, University Registrar & Assistant Provost

Registration & Academic Records

Registration, Transcripts & Certification, Consortium

Felicidad A. Bunuan, Associate University Registrar for Registration and Academic Records

  • Sarah Hawkins, Assistant Registrar for Registration, Consortium Coordinator, Pre-Registration, Recorder for Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, & MBA 
    • James Epling, Academic Records Specialist for School of Nursing and Health Studies & Walsh School of Foreign Service
    • Brian O’Donoghue, Academic Records Specialist for Georgetown College & McDonough School of Business


Class Scheduling, Faculty Evaluations, Faculty & Information Services

Theresa Meyers, Associate University Registrar

  • Aaron Swartz, Manager of Scheduling Systems, Course Descriptions Administrator

Student Systems

Configuration, Data Access & Security, Enrollment Tracking, Reporting, Editing of Undergraduate Bulletin, Strategic Initiatives

Camilo Garcia, Associate University Registrar for Strategic Initiatives & Student Systems

  • Carter Cochran, Assistant University Registrar for Student Systems
    •  Jacob Grubbs, Reporting and Web Services Analyst
    • KJ Mburu, Student Systems Specialist and Reporting Analyst