Senior Auditor Registration, Course Schedule, and Tuition

The step-by-step process for course selection, registration, payment, and Canvas navigation is listed below. For questions concerning the process, please email You will receive a response within 48 hours. 

playlist of registration videos (new window) that addresses each step of the process has been published for your convenience. All videos are titled “Step # – Subject of Video.” For example, the first video is called “Step 1 – How to Navigate a Google Form.” You can watch all of the videos at once or watch them individually as you move through the process. 

Step 1. Complete Google Form to Sign-Up for the Semester

All new senior auditors must begin the new registration process by completing a Google Form: 

This form will be used to supplement the new Course Registration or Add/Drop Form (new window)

Continuing senior auditors may skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

For information on how to navigate the Google Form, please watch the first video entitled “Step 1 – How to Navigate a Google Form (new window).” This video is also at the top of the google form. This form will be used for official University record-keeping and every section must be complete and accurate. 

Once the Google Form is complete, please continue to follow steps 2–6. 

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Step 2. Choose Your Course(s) from the Schedule of Classes

After you complete your respective Google Form, it is time to decide what class or classes you want to take. As long as there is space available and with the professor’s permission, you may audit College undergraduate-level courses (course numbers 400 and lower) with the exception of courses that are: lower-level language courses (100–200 levels), studio fine arts courses, computer science courses, science courses with labs, or seminar courses. 

Visit the College’s website (new window) for information about all eligible College Departments and Programs. Please review the University’s Schedule of Classes (new window) for information on what is being offered in the upcoming semester. There is a short video on how to navigate the class schedule website (new window). You are encouraged to talk with friends about taking classes together.

PLEASE NOTE: Georgetown is committed to the safety and well-being of our senior citizens. Due to COVID-19, Georgetown will only be offering online courses to senior auditors at this time. When searching for courses in the schedule of classes, please make sure to click on “Online” in the Instructional Method drop down. Please refer to the registration video on the Schedule of Classes.

No grades are awarded for auditing; a permanent record of the registration is retained by the University. Your grade is “AU” which stands for Audit.

Note: On the schedule of classes the following abbreviations are listed for the days of the week.

  • M (Monday), T (Tuesday), W (Wednesday), R (Thursday), F (Friday), S (Saturday)

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Step 3. Add/Drop Form Completion and Professor Permission

In this step, you will complete the new registration form, which is known across the University as the “Add/Drop Form (new window).” There is a short video on how to correctly complete the Add/Drop Form (new window). You can either print the form and complete it by hand, or you can type into the fields on the computer and print it after. 

Once you decide what courses you want to take and after completing the form, you need to secure the professor’s approval. You can do this by sending her/him an email requesting approval. If you receive email confirmation and plan to mail in your forms, you must print the email so you can submit it with the “Add/Drop Form (new window)” to the Registrar’s Office (more info about this below). 

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Step 4. Add/Drop Form Submission: Office of the University Registrar

After you have received the professor’s permission by email confirmation, you must email the approval along with your “Add/Drop Form (new window)” to for processing. The form will be processed within 48 hours.

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Step 5. Tuition Payment: Revenue and Receivables Office

Senior Auditor tuition is $30 per credit. If you are taking one three credit course, you will need to pay $90, two three credit courses will be $180, and so on. You also must pay any course fees associated with the courses you enroll in.

Georgetown encourages all students to pay online via electronic check (direct debit) through MyAccess and Student Account Services. There is an option to pay via credit card online, although there is a convenience fee ($3 or 2.85% of the amount paid, whichever is greater) associated with paying by credit card.

Pay Online

In order to pay online via MyAccess, you will need to log in with your NetID and password and then navigate to Student Account Services. You may pay at any time, although official charges will not post to your account until you are registered. (See note above regarding course fees.) You are encouraged to wait five business days and then log in to pay in order to make sure you are paying the balance in full.

Pay by Check

If you are paying by check, make the check payable to “Georgetown University” and also write your Georgetown University Identification Number (i.e. your “GUID”, which is a number that begins with an “8”) at the top of the check for processing. Bring the check to the Revenue and Receivables office down the hall from the Registrar’s office when you drop off your add/drop form, or mail check to:

  • Georgetown University
    Revenue and Receivables
    3700 O St. NW
    White Gravenor Hall
    Washington, DC 20057

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Step 6. NetID/Canvas (for new auditors only)

Once you are approved for registration, you will be entered into Georgetown University’s student information system and will then receive a NetID, which will typically be a combination of your initials followed by numbers. Your NetID will allow you access to both the University email system (Georgetown Google Apps) and Canvas (Georgetown’s Course Management System). Your NetID will also be the first portion of your GU email address, i.e. Please note that students without an active NetID cannot be granted Canvas access in advance.

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