Admin Pages FAQ’s

Banner Background

Ellucian Banner is the student information system used by Georgetown University. Banner provides stable support for managing student academic information, student account data, Graduate Admissions, and financial aid information. 

There are two components to Banner:

Admin Pages: This is Georgetown University’s student information system. It provides a web-based interface for Administrators to complete tasks.

Banner Self Service/MyAccess: This is the secure web application that students and faculty members use to view their information from the new student information system. Review the MyAccess FAQ for more information.

In addition to Banner, Georgetown also uses Cognos, a business intelligence tool used to run reports on data that exists in Banner.

Admin Pages: Access to Admin Pages is granted based on your role. If you insert any student information (financial aid, transfer credits, charges, biographical information, etc) you likely need to work with the Banner system.

Cognos: Access to Cognos is granted based on your role. The clearest indication of your need to view reports of student data is if you are a Departmental Administrator, Department Head, Office Manager, or Department Chair. 

Banner Self Service/MyAccess: All teaching faculty, advisors, and Deans will use Banner Self Service/MyAccess. No additional steps are needed to obtain access – just and log into MyAccess with your NetID and password.

If you believe you need access to Banner Admin Pages or Cognos, please contact the appropriate Data Steward for confirmation and approval.

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Using Banner

Admin Pages uses SSO so your password is the same password you use to log into your email.

Connect to your VPN (Georgetown AnyConnect or Cisco VPN). Select duo-two factor authentication
Open a modern web browser and navigate to
Select Administration Pages and login using your NetID and password. 

Please contact the UIS Help Desk at (202) 687-4949 or for help in resolving issues attempting to log into Banner.

For details on what data and screens you have access to in Banner please talk to your data steward. Similarly, work with your manager and your data steward to obtain access to additional forms. 

Click the question mark icon to see the Banner help documentation available online. Your data steward or the University Registrar will be able to help answer your content and data manipulation questions. 

You can also contact the UIS Help Desk with details of the problem and they will direct you to someone that can help resolve your issue. Be sure to have the following information handy when calling in a Banner: Admin Pages problem – the form you’re working in, the error message you received, and the function you’re trying to perform.

Close your web browser and disconnect from Georgetown SafeConnect. (Information on SafeConnect can be found on the UIS SafeConnect VPN page.

The Georgetown SafeConnect VPN does not time out, so you need to make sure you log out when you’re not using it.

For information about Banner training, send an email to

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Login Requirements

What approvals and software do I need to connect to Banner?

After you and your departmental data steward have determined you need access Banner and/or Cognos, complete the necessary Account Request Form and obtain needed approvals.

Banner and Cognos are accessible via the web. Check to make sure you are using a recommended browser.

Banner: Any modern web browser.

Cognos: IE8

You must use VPN software in order to access Banner or Cognos. Install the appropriate VPN for your computer as described on the UIS SafeConnect web page

Can I access Banner or Cognos if I have a a mac or PC?

Banner and Cognos are both accessible via your web browser. You should be able to use both Banner and Cognos from any computer when logged into the appropriate VPN.

What if I already have VPN software on my computer?

Contact the UIS Help Desk at or (202) 687-4949 to confirm you have the appropriate VPN to be able to connect to Banner Admin Pages or Cognos.

What is a VPN and why do I need it?

A VPN is a virtual private network. VPN software creates a private and secure communications channel between your computer and the Banner or Cognos server.

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