Final Exam Schedule

To determine the time at which an examination is scheduled: locate, in the left-hand column of the table, the first day and hour at which the class meets each standard week. Regardless of the first meeting of the term, the first meeting of the standard class pattern is what drives examinations: MWF = Monday; WF = Wednesday; TF = Tuesday; MTh = Monday.

The examination time is opposite in the right-hand column. 

For example, if a class meets MWF or M or MF or W or F @ 8:00 AM look in the left column for MWF at 8:00 AM. To the right, the examination date is in the center merged cell and the start and end time of the examination are located in the same horizontal cell immediately to the right of the date.

Examination times for classes which meet only on Saturday or Sunday will be included in the supplementary room schedule published during the term.

In a few instances, all sections of a course are examined at the same time, e.g., all ACCT 1101 and 2101 share a common hour exam during the same time block.

Please note: The Registrar’s Office will make every effort to adhere to the final exam but reserves the right to make changes when corrections are needed.