Classroom Reservation Policy

The primary purpose of the General Purpose Classrooms is instruction. While the University does allow departments and student groups to use these spaces for co-curricular and extracurricular events and activities, these may not disrupt or impede the instruction identified on the Schedule of Classes and directly tied to course requirements and degree completion. 

It is the policy of the University Registrar that all classrooms are held for classes as the first priority; credit courses are scheduled first, non-credit courses second, and all other ad hoc room requests are held until courses are reasonably situated. Due to high demand and the complexity of providing technology support, event reservations in General Purpose Classrooms must be made at least two full business days prior to your actual reservation. For purposes of event reservations and modifications, business days are regular business operation days, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and university holidays.

As noted in the Georgetown University Speech and Expression Policy, classrooms are places of dialogue and free exchange for the Georgetown University community.  The University will accommodate equally all students and student groups who wish to schedule an event or meeting exclusively for the Georgetown community in a classroom space, subject to availability. 

Completion of classroom space request form does not guarantee a reservation, nor does it constitute University approval or confirmation. 

The first three weeks 

From: the first day of the Fall/Spring semester

Until: the third Friday of each Fall/Spring semester

  • The University Registrar reviews departmental requests the day before each meeting to confirm availability. Multi-day requests are approved one-at-a-time the day before each meeting during this time.
  • Student groups may request General Purpose Classrooms after 6:00 pm Monday – Friday and all-day Saturday and Sunday during this time.

The following rules govern co-curricular and extracurricular events and activities in the General Purpose Classrooms:

  • The University Registrar reviews requests submitted through EMS in the order of tender.
  • Stated preferences for building location and time are subject to availability.
  • In the event of a shortage of classroom space, the University Registrar reserves the right to change and/or cancel reservations as needed.
  • Events and activities are entitled to occupy space only for the duration approved.

Organizations must comply with all applicable University Policies, procedures, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, the University Policies

In addition, organizations must understand the following: 

  • Food, drink and smoking are not allowed in Georgetown’s classrooms at any time. 
  • Sounds audible to those in nearby classrooms (examples include musical rehearsals or amplified sound) are prohibited. 
  • Any activities that will potentially cause damage to the space, furniture, or equipment (examples include stacking furniture or dancing) are prohibited. 
  • No event or organization may include activities that cause damage to furniture or equipment in the classroom space. 
  • Individuals who reserve General Purpose Classrooms accept all responsibility for any damages to the space, furniture, or technology during their events.

In the event of a shortage of classroom space, The University Registrar reserves the right to change and/or cancel reservations as needed. 

Please Note, you are entitled to occupy a space only for the period stated in the My Events Status Column in the Virtual EMS portal and/or by an Approved Confirmation Email

If you need to use classroom technology, you must contact Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS) directly by:

1.  Online: [Select Classroom Technology]

2.  Call: 202-687-7491

3.  Visit: ICC 121

Please remember to have the event confirmation present at the time of the event. Please share this policy with all outside guests and organizations.