Fall 2022 Undergraduate Midterm Advisory Grades and Deficiency Reports Inbox

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October 10, 2022

Dear Faculty,

Fall 2022 Undergraduate Midterm Advisory Grade rosters are available in MyAccess. Faculty may submit advisory grades now through Friday, October 14. Advisory grades are Satisfactory (SM), Marginal (MM) and Unsatisfactory (UM). To enter grades, go to MyAccess, Faculty and Advisors tab, select Faculty Grade Entry, select Midterm Grades, Select Term Fall 2022, and then you will be able to choose your course and enter midterm advisory grades

The midterm grade roster should be used to report any student whose performance, to date, is unsatisfactory. The grade of UM should be used for these students. Performance Deficiency Reports will be provided to respective deans accordingly.

Please note: You will need to use DUO authentication in order to successfully access MyAccess. If you do not have DUO, you can find directions here.

If for some reason, you will not have a midterm performance measure for your students by October 14, please contact the student’s dean directly to report unsatisfactory or marginal performance as soon as you have evaluated your students. The deans depend on your midterm reports of marginal or unsatisfactory performance so that our students may be properly advised.

Important Reminders

  • For full semester classes:
    • The last day for students to withdraw or select the Pass/ Fail grading mode is November 17, 2022. 
  • For modular classes, session 1 and 2, Mod A and B, special programs, etc.:
    • The last day to withdraw or select Pass/Fail may be different. Please check here for specific dates.  
  • For classes in Qatar please check here  for the last day to withdraw or select Pass/Fail.

Annamarie Bianco
Associate Vice President and University Registrar