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Add/Drop  Form and Form Instructions

Undergraduate: Tutorial Form and  Tutorial Numbering Guideline and Instructions

Graduate: Tutorial Form and Tutorial Numbering Guideline and Instructions

SCS only: Tutorial Form 

For Deans Only

The forms below may only be completed by the Deans or approved department personnel. If you have any questions please email us at

Termination of Matriculation Form

Permit to Register / Readmit Form

Exception to Change Student Record Form


NURO / DNPO - Termination of Matriculation Form

NURO / DNPO - Permit to Register

Graduate School Administrators

Graduate Enrollment/Permission Request Form

Schedule & Classrooms

Scheduling forms are located on the courses, schedules, and classrooms page on the Registrar's website.

Systems Access Requests

Note: These forms are for faculty and staff only.

For the most up to date forms, check the information systems and technology page.

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