Responsibilities of the University Registrar




1. To provide quality student service which says to students, "We care and we deliver", in the area of registration, tuition assessment and academic records, and to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of student records.

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  • To coordinate the Student Information System, conduct Preregistration, Completion, Registration and Drop/Add
  • Coordinate the Student Information System and new student technology initiatives for the Main Campus and across the University
  • Ensure compliance with Student Records Policy
  • Record transfer credit, advanced placement, study abroad work, thesis titles, comprehensive examination results and grade changes
  • Charge (and credit) tuition and associated fees
  • Assign operator security profiles to Student Records users and monitor the system to prevent unauthorized access to computer records
  • Register and report grades for Consortium students.

2. To demonstrate the University's commitment to thoughtful treatment of its students, past and present, through the timeliness and accuracy of the transcripting system.

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  • Produce and mail transcripts
  • Store & preserve academic records and inactive student folders
  • Process grades and produce transcripts for non-credit students
  • Retain copies of course descriptions.

3. To insure good order and an atmosphere conducive to academic activity by producing timely and accurate statistics, class rosters, grades, certifications and other reports, and by serving as a "watch dog" for academic policies.

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  • Produce official student lists, reports, statistics
  • Publish the Student Directory
  • Validate ID cards
  • Prepare IPEDS & CORE statistical reports
  • Certify veterans and provide information concerning VA programs
  • Certify student enrollment
  • Generate ad hoc lists, labels, statistics from SIS+
  • Process ID number changes, changes of school, name and address
  • Interpret & enforce academic regulations
  • Collect grades from faculty
  • Record grades, produce and mail grade reports
  • Produce Rank-in-class reports
  • Order diplomas from tentative lists prepared by deans
  • Monitor lists of graduates
  • Rank undergraduates for graduation
  • Organize student participation in Commencement.

4. To produce class and examination schedules which, as much as possible, serve the needs and preferences of faculty and students and to insure that the condition of the classrooms meets the needs of quality instruction. To assist the faculty in its teaching through the administration of the teacher evaluation process.

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  • Prepare, publish, distribute class and examination schedules
  • Assign classrooms: all semesters
  • Reserve classrooms for special meetings, etc.
  • Monitor classroom conditions
  • Plan for provision of a sufficient number of technologically sophisticated and aesthetically-pleasing general purpose classroom
  • Plan and direct classroom improvement projects
  • Administer the Teacher Evaluation System
  • Plan and coordinate the Schedule of Classes to insure that all curricular needs are met while responding to the preferences of faculty and students.