Spring 2020 University Registrar Welcome and Important Information Update

Posted in Student Communications

January 7, 2020

Happy new year HOYAS! I hope you too are excited to be starting a new semester, especially those students who are new to the university; you are joining one of the finest learning communities in America, and we are glad you’re here. With confidence that this will be an exciting and rewarding year for all of us, I offer you my best wishes for an enjoyable, successful experience at Georgetown. The following information will help you through the first few days of school and give you a good start on the path to success this semester.    

The first day of classes is Wednesday, January 8 and follows a Monday schedule

Please note: Tuesday, February 18, classes will also follow a Monday schedule.  

GU-Q, as well asMBA classes and some executive and non-traditional programs will have different start dates. Students in those programs have received appropriate information from their department regarding schedules, waitlists and add/drop.

Important Registration Information, Dates and Times can be found at http://registrar.georgetown.edu/registration

For most programs, Add/Drop and electronic waitlist will be open
 to all continuing and new students in MyAccess. Add/drop is scheduled to end on January 17. 

Pass/Fail Student selected grade basis is available for some classes.  Please refer to MyAccess for details. 

Waitlist winners are notified by email.  The waitlist will run each weekday after 3pm until January 16. Winners will have 24 hours to claim their seat. Those who win a seat and do not claim the seat during that time will be dropped from the list and the seat offered to the next student.  Wait listed students must attend the class or make arrangements with the professor or the professor may drop them from the waitlist.  See waitlist instructions at http://registrar.georgetown.edu/registration. If you do not intend to take a class, then please drop yourself from the class or wait list so other students can get a seat. 

Information on required textbooks and recommended course materials are available through the “View Textbook” link on the Schedule of Classes website so students can make informed decisions about their courses.  Once you are registered for a course, you have the option of ordering the books from the Bookstore through MyAccess.

It is recommended you check the class syllabus before making a final purchase decision; in some cases, alternate versions of required or recommended texts may be acceptable for your classes. We also urge you to consider textbook rental and book buy-back programs as appropriate.

Best wishes for a successful and productive semester!

Annamarie Bianco
Associate Vice President and University Registrar