Inclement Weather and Instructional Continuity

Posted in Student Communications

January 7, 2020

Dear Student,

I am writing to share important information regarding this week’s class schedule.  As forecast, snow is expected to begin falling across our region this afternoon, first as mixed precipitation, changing to a burst of heavy snow 3 – 6 p.m., with total accumulations in the range of one to three inches for the greater DC area.

All members of the Georgetown University community will receive an email and text message via HOYAlert with updates to the operating status and class schedule. I ask that you monitor your email and text messages for operating status updates over the next 24 hours. You may also check Georgetown’s operating status by visiting the University Operating Status web page or by calling the inclement weather line (202) 687-7669.

I also write to remind you of our Instructional Continuity Policy. The following is intended to provide a student related context for that policy. When class is cancelled and circumstances prevent on-campus instruction, students should be prepared to participate in the alternate instructional activities planned by their faculty members instead of attending face to face class. Please refer to the undergraduate and graduate bulletins for the relevant attendance and instructional continuity policies.

Instructional Continuity Policy:

The following policy on maintaining instructional activities during unforeseen disruptions was recommended by the Main Campus Executive Faculty and approved by the Provost in July 2014:

“Instructional activities will be maintained during university closures. Faculty members should prepare for the possibility of an interruption of face-to-face instruction by establishing a policy within the course syllabus to maintain instructional continuity in the case of an unforeseen disruption. During a campus “closure,” the regular class time schedule must be honored by all campus departments so that students will remain available for those faculty members who wish to maintain continuous academic progress through synchronous distance instruction”.

Term to Remember: Liberal Leave

When the University announces “Liberal Leave,” a faculty member may decide to switch to the instructional continuity plan for a course instead of delivering face-to-face instruction by notifying the students in advance of the class. A student who cannot travel to campus due to the prevailing conditions will be excused from attendance at the class or exam by notifying the instructor in advance of the scheduled meeting. All work must still be completed.

Safe travels and arrival back to campus, and good luck during your spring semester.  

Best wishes, 

Annamarie Bianco

Associate Vice President and University Registrar