Uploading Spring 2024 Syllabi and Textbook Information

Posted in Faculty Communications

October 27, 2023

Dear Faculty and Faculty Delegates,The purpose of this message is to remind you that the schedule of classes for Spring 2024 is now available to students. The Provost, deans and I believe that it is important to provide our students with all of their course related information online: schedule of classes, course descriptions, COURSE SYLLABI AND REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS. To facilitate this process, Spring 2024 classes are available in GU360 (new window) for faculty and their delegates to load syllabi. Instructions for uploading your syllabus can be found below.Additionally, if you have not already done so, please remember to submit your Spring 2024 book orders on Faculty Enlight (www.facultyenlight.com (new window)). FacultyEnlight streamlines the process, minimizing time and errors. It allows you to see edition, format, and pricing information as you order, and it saves your book selections for easy re-use in future semesters. If you do not already have a FacultyEnlight account, you can create one on the website. You may contact the textbook manager, Naomi Trexler (new window) if you have any questions or difficulties.
Please review the instructions (new window) for uploading your syllabus. For your convenience, I have also copied them below.
Start by going to the GU360 (new window) website.  From there, click on the login button.
Login with your NetID and NetID password. You will also have to authenticate with DUO. You will then be prompted to select the site you want to visit. Choose GUFaculty.
Once you are in GUFaculty, click on the My Profile option in the upper right corner, next to the word Dashboard.
Scroll down on the left side, past your picture and Bio and Featured Works, and click on Teaching.
You will see a listing of the courses you are teaching this semester and courses that you have taught in the past. Click on the link of the class you want to add the syllabus to.
You will see the Course Description, an area where you can add a link to the Class Website (be sure to include the entire URL), and a Class Syllabus section. Within the Class Syllabus section, you can upload the course syllabus by clicking “Choose a file to upload”.
A new screen will appear that will let you choose the file you would like to upload from your computer. Click on the file, and then click the word “Open”. Your file will begin to upload. Please make certain that the file you upload is either a PDF or a Word Document. Once you are certain this is the document you want to use, click on Upload.
Here’s the screen you will see confirming your upload. The file is on the left side. There is also a note on the right side explaining that your pop-up blocker on your browser needs to be disabled in order to download the file.
If you already have a syllabus, but wish to replace it with another one, you will see the syllabus document name with an “x” next to it. Click on the “x” to delete the existing syllabus.
You will immediately be prompted to add another document.

If you have any questions, please write to gu360help@georgetown.edu (new window) .  If you have questions regarding your course description and section details please contact your department administrator or the Registrar’s scheduling team at schedulechanges@georgetown.edu (new window)

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation with the syllabi and textbook reporting requirements. 

Warm Regards,Annamarie Bianco
Associate Vice President and University Registrar