Fall 2023 Welcome and Semester Information

Posted in Faculty Communications

August 18th, 2023

Dear Faculty,

Welcome back! This message provides important information for the semester, including details about the academic calendar and schedule of classes.

The first day of classes for most programs is Wednesday, August 23. Classes will follow a Wednesday schedule. Those faculty members who are expecting to start on different schedules (e.g., SCS, MBA and GU-Q) will receive that information from their dean or department.

Academic Calendar
The approved academic calendars can be found on the Registrar’s website. We have also updated the Fall Semester Final Exam Schedule. Please be sure to review the schedule and alert your department of any issues. 

Schedule of Classes and MyAccess
As we continue to refine the schedule of classes and adjust to the multiple changes in room configurations, many room assignments have changed. To get the most up-to-date classroom assignments and class rosters, please log into MyAccess. If you have difficulty obtaining a roster from MyAccess, ask your department administrator for help. Class rosters in Canvas include the option to view a “photo roster” with pictures of your students from the GoCard system. If a student attending your class does not appear on the MyAccess roster, they are not officially registered for the class. Please direct any unregistered student to their program advisor or dean for advising.

Please note: You will need to use DUO authentication in order to successfully log in to MyAccess. If you do not have DUO, you can find directions on the Enrolling in Georgetown DUO page.

The Schedule of Classes website is available for the most updated information concerning your assigned classroom for the Fall 2022 semester.

The waitlist runs each workday after 3 p.m. from now until August 30. Some programs may run on a different schedule. Students will have 23 hours to claim their seat after which they will be dropped and the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. Admitting a student to your class outside of the waitlist process is discouraged due to the occupancy limits in classrooms. If you do approve an enrollment outside the waitlist, it will increase the maximum enrollment cap assigned for your class, which may then  require a room change. To close the waitlist process for your class prior to August 23, you must inform your department administrator.

The waitlist will close after August 30. Any remaining open seats will be available for students to add in MyAccess until the last day of add/drop, Friday, September 1; provided they meet the course prerequisites and restrictions.

If your class requires special permission, undergraduate students must complete the Fall 2023  Course Registration Add Form online and submit it before 5 p.m. EDT September 1. Prior to completing the form, students must receive the instructor’s permission via email and upload a copy with their request. Graduate students should contact their program advisor for assistance with special permission approvals.

Classroom Technology Assistance
Please take advantage of the services we offer through the OUR CETS team to review your classroom technology. You can set up an individual training session with the Classroom Manager(s) in the building(s) you teach in. If desired, you can also include a request for our partners at the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) to join and discuss best practices in the space. Please make requests for specialized software or equipment more than two days in advance.

Accessibility Resources
As we plan for the Fall, we affirm our collective responsibility to ensure equitable access to our academic programs. Access challenges affect a broad swath of our community and range from the need for new or different academic accommodations for students with disabilities and learning differences, to disparities in access to technology, to new responsibilities for dependent care. Guided by the principles of the Universal Design for Learning framework, we have created a host of accessibility-related resources that are available to both faculty and students, including the CNDLS Guidebook on Accommodations and Accessibility, a comprehensive guide to accessible course design with practical instructions, recorded webinars and suggestions for further reading, and an Accessibility Resources for Students page linked to all Canvas course sites. For additional assistance, you can request an individual consultation with CNDLS staff, or contact the Academic Resource Center about specific accommodations for your students.
You have my very best wishes for a productive and successful semester. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the Hilltop soon. 

Annamarie Bianco
Associate Vice President and University Registrar