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Accessing Grades

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MyAccess Background Information

How do I access and log into MyAccess?

Use either Internet Explorer or Firefox to navigate to, and use your NetID and password to log into MyAccess. 

Be aware that after 30 minutes of inactivity, the system will automatically log you out.

As with any system containing confidential data, be sure to use the "Exit" feature on MyAccess to completely log out of the system after you have completed your tasks and close out of your web browser.

What if I need help or have questions using MyAccess?

Since each campus handles registration and grading differently, reach out to your specific registrar's office for help:

  • Medical School Students:  Please contact the Medical Center's Office of the Registrar at medreg @
  • Law Center Students:  Please contact the Law Center's Office of the Registrar at lawreg @ or 202-662-9220.  
  • Main Campus and Medical Center Undergraduate and Graduate Students:  Please contact the University Registrar at univregistrar @ or  202-687-4020.

When is pre-registration? 

Refer to your registrar's website for details. Main Campus preregistration begins occurs each Fall and Spring as indicated on the University Registrar's website.

Georgetown Law pre-registration for the following Fall and Spring semesters occurs during the month of April as indicated on the Office of the Registrar's website.  

How do I review the schedule of classes?

The public schedule of classes is available here.  You will also be able to view the class schedule from MyAccess. 

What tips are there for using the search functionality on the public course catalog?

  • You must make at least one selection in the Subject field for the course to search to complete.
  • For a general, high-level search, first highlight all subjects to consider all courses 
    you can make use of typical drop-down menu navigation techniques to quickly find what you?re looking for:
    • Select an entry in the drop-down menu through which you'd like to navigate (i.e., select "accounting" in the Subject drop-down menu)
    • Type a letter and the menu selection will jump to the first entry in the list beginning with that letter (i.e., typing "e" in the Subject drop-down menu will highlight the selection "Economics").
    • Repeatedly typing a letter will cycle through the options that begin with that letter.
    • Select multiple options by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each desired option.
    • Select a range of options by clicking on the first option in your desired range, and then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the last option in your desired range.

    How do I add or drop classes?

    The University Registar's website includes information, instructions, and policies regarding adding and dropping classes for Undergraduate and Graduate students.  

    School of Medicine students should contact their Office of the Registrar at medreg @ for details on how to add or drop classes. 

    Law Center students should review instructions on the Law Center's Office of the Registrar webpage.

    How can I tell where I am on the wait list?

    The University Registar's website includes information, instructions, and policies regarding waitlisting classes for Undergraduate and Graduate students.  Click here to be taken to the step by step instructions for how to check or confirm your wait list status in MyAccess

    The School of Medicine does not currently use the wait list functionality in MyAccess. 

    Law Center students should review instructions on the Law Center's Office of the Registrar webpage

     How do I view and pay my bill in MyAccess?

    For help and instructions on paying your bill in MyAccess please contact the appropriate Office of Billing and Payment Services / Office of Student Accounts:

     How do I give my parents access to view my bill?

    The Office of Billing and Payment Services website includes information, instructions, and policies regarding your account.  Follow these instructions to give others the ability to access your student account information. 

    Where do I go to obtain my Financial Aid information?

    Law Center students can view this information in MyAccess and can find additional information or instructions at

    Main and Medical Campus students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for additional information.

    How do I review my grades? 

    Log into MyAccess, select the Student Services tab, select Student Records, and then select Final Grades to review your grades. 

    How do I give my parents access to view my grades?

    This functionality will be available in MyAccess in 2010.  Stay tuned for more information.   

    Where do I go to view a copy of my transcript?

    Medical School and Law Center students can log into MyAccess, navigate to Student, Student Records, Academic Transcript, and select the Unofficial transcript type in .pdf to view a copy of their transcript. 

    This functionality will be available in MyAccess towards the end of the Fall 2009 semester for Main Campus and Medical Center Undergraduate and Graduate students.  Stay tuned for more information.  

    How do I order an official copy of my transcript?

    This functionality will be available in MyAccess towards the end of the Fall 2009 semester.  Stay tuned for more information.  

    What is MyDegree and how do I use it?

    The MyDegree functionality provides you with a summary of the classes you have taken, and the remaining classes you need to complete in order to fulfill your degree requirements.  You can also use MyDegree to determine how well the classes you have taken so far stack up towards an alternate major.  MyDegree is not the official record of the University - you will need to order an official transcript for that purpose. 

    What should I do if I don't see all my credits posted in MyDegree?

    If you are missing credits from a Georgetown-sponsored study abroad program, first check with the Office of International Programs to ensure that your transcript has been received from the host institution.  If the transcript was received over a month ago and the credits are still not posted, please contact your dean.

    If you are missing credits from summer school courses taken elsewhere and the courses were preapproved by your Dean's Office, it is likely the case that Georgetown has not yet received a transcript from the host institution.  Please arrange to have a transcript sent to your dean.  If you believe that a transcript has been sent, please contact your dean. 

    Why aren't some of my courses counting towards my major, minor, or certificate? 

    Georgetown College students must secure departmental approval of courses taken outside the department toward majors, minors and certificates on an Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form.  Students in other schools should contact their Dean's Office with questions on approval procedures.

    What Is MyAccess?

    MyAccess is a secure web application that is the student and faculty view into the new student information system.  MyAccess replaced Student Access+ and allows you to manage and view your academic, student account, and financial aid information. 

    How is MyAccess different from Student Access+?

    MyAccess offers a new view to the student information system, as well as a more efficient class search utility for pre-registration.   Later, MyAccess will provide students the ability to view and manage their financial aid information over the web.  Over time, additional functionality will be added  to better suit students' needs.

    An important difference to be aware of during pre-registration is the introduction of CRNs - Course Reference Numbers. A CRN identifies a specific section of a course and is a 5 digit number. It will accompany every course listing, but is different from the course name and section(i.e. the CRN for THEO 001-01 is 13377).

    Why did Georgetown switch to MyAccess?

    StudentAccess+ (and the underlying SIS+) will no longer be supported by the vendor after 2011.  In response, Georgetown University replaced StudentAccess+ and SIS+ with a new system (MyAccess / Banner) that provides stable support for managing student academic information, student account data, and finanacial aid information throughout the University for years to come.

    What other schools use this system?

    MyAccess is the name Georgetown gave to the web interface of Banner software. Banner is used extensively in higher education at schools such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, Notre Dame, and the George Washington University.