Course Evaluations for Students

Course evaluations are part of Georgetown University’s commitment of excellence of teaching and learning. The evaluations provide useful feedback which faculty and schools use to improve the quality of instruction. Each instructor receives a compilation of the anonymous responses and comments to use in evaluating their own teaching and planning future courses. Faculty do not have access to the CoursEval data until all grades are submitted university wide. However, faculty can log-in to MyAccess to view their quantitative results once all their grades have been submitted. 

To inform and remind students to complete their course evaluations, email announcements are sent once the course evaluation period has begun. Student will receive a reminder email until all course evaluations are completed or the evaluation period ends. Students that audit a course, including Senior Auditors, will not be included in the course evaluation process.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, course evaluations are set up to have a ten day window for students to complete their evaluations and will end prior to the start of exams. Summer evaluations are set with a six day window to allow students to complete their course evaluation.


The information can be used to make changes for future courses.

As a student, you can feel empowered to help design a courses educational process.

It allows instructors to ask for information most pertinent to them—even if the soliciting criticism without fearing any adverse consequences from the administration.

The evaluations go directly to the instructor.

Although each student uses their own NetID and password when logging into the course evaluation system, the student’s information is not stored with the evaluation record. 

Instructors and administrators have access to reports compiling the information from all the evaluations in a course. However, these reports do not present information that identifies an individual student. 

No. Evaluation results are not viewable to the faculty until the grades are submitted into the system. Once the system has determined that all grades for that class has been submitted, the system unlocked the results for the faculty member to view.

If you are receiving an email asking you to complete the survey and you already did, it is more than likely that you did not select the Submit button to confirm the survey has been submitted.

No. Unfortunately, surveys cannot be reopened once a survey has been closed.

If you have started your evaluation and cannot finish it, the survey will save itself. However, please note that the survey will not submit itself. You must log back in and finish and submit the survey. 

CoursEval can be used with the following browsers for both PC and Mac:

Mozilla Firefox 
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

While CoursEval may run in other browsers, it has only been tested on the browsers listed above.

If you are receiving an email asking you to complete the survey and you already did, it is more than likely that you did not select the Submit button to confirm the survey has been submitted.

Results from course evaluations are used throughout the university for many essential purposes. Faculty use evaluation results to edit teaching style, course materials and course structure. Departments and Deans use results in decisions regarding rank, tenure and promotion of faculty as well as program design and class offerings. Students use evaluation results during pre-registration and add/drop in selecting courses and instructors for the future or current semester.

Yes, evaluation answers can be changed up until the due date of the survey. Simply, select the Surveys drop down menu, and select Completed Surveys. Navigate over to the Date Closed column and select the Edit Survey Answers hyperlink for the section you wish to change your answers for. Don’t forget to select the Submit Survey button to submit your revisited answers at the bottom of the page.

All course evaluations surveys are set up in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone. You can refer to the Survey Open & Close Date for exact dates & times. Please note your professor reserves the right to customize their opening and closing dates and time within the survey window. 

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How to view Quantitative Results in MyAccess

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