Course Evaluations for Deans and Administrators

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for collecting, tabulating, and reporting on course and faculty evaluations. Evaluation results are used in decision making for faculty rank, tenure, and merit review.

The Registrar’s Office administers online course evaluations only, paper evaluations are no longer offered.

Online course evaluations through the Office of the University Registrar are offered only at the end of each course; however, CNDLS offers mid-semester evaluation services, called Mid-Semester Group Feedback Sessions. Please visit CNDLS for more information.

Evaluation Timeline

Course Evaluation Timeline

Evaluation Policies

  • The online evaluations are anonymous.
  • Faculty do not receive any evaluation results until after all grades have been submitted for each course.
  • Likewise, the evaluation survey will close before final exams begin and before grades for the semester become available to students.
  • Faculty never receive any information about which students submitted which responses. Also, faculty will not be able to determine who completed their evaluations and who did not.
  • The results of some questions are published online in the schedule of classes available to students through MyAccess. Faculty have the ability to opt out of having their results published there.

The Office of the University Registrar does not, by default, evaluate the following types of sections:

  • Sections with only three or less students enrolled
  • Internships, labs, recitations, or independent studies
  • Courses taught in certain departments, such as ENFL, ATHL, DEVM, ECIL, SABR, UROP
  • Courses with the following course numbers: 999, 997, 992, 991, 902, 901, 302, 301
  • Courses with the following sections numbers: 60-69
  • Courses ending outside the standard course end date for the semester unless notified
  • Teaching assistants

Courses included in the above categories can be evaluated by the Office of the University Registrar if requested by the faculty or department responsible for the course. To have such courses included for evaluation, faculty and department administrators must contact the Registrar’s Office at at the beginning of each semester.

If any changes to the instructors of record for a course are made after the start of the semester through the last day of classes or later, please inform the Registrar’s Office at so that changes can be mirrored within the CoursEval system. Please note that only the faculty actually teaching the course should be listed in Banner since everyone who is listed will be evaluated and the record cannot be corrected once the survey is open to students.

The online evaluations are completely anonymous. Instructors, departments/programs and Deans can see feedback in an aggregated form or as individual response sets, but the responses are never attributed to specific students. Instructors, departments/programs and Deans will not be able to determine which students completed evaluations and which students did not.

Faculty do not receive any evaluation results until after all grades have been submitted for each course. Likewise, the evaluation survey will close before final exams begin and before grades for the semester become available to students.

Once the survey becomes available, the students will receive email reminders listing the courses for which they still have pending evaluations. These emails will contain a link to the CoursEval website, where students can log-in using their NetID and password. Courses with pending evaluations will appear on the Home Screen once students are logged-in.

The Main Campus Executive Faculty has recommended that the default method for administration of the course evaluations be changed such that the new standard is for faculty to reserve at least 15 minutes of class time during the last week of classes. Please remind students that they will need to use a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device during class on that date in order to access the survey.

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Course Evaluation Reports for Faculty

Course Evaluation Reports can be accessed from CoursEval (last five years) and MyAccess (for anything older than five years). Authorized users of CoursEval will also have access to additional results related to their department.  The following Quick Reference Guide (QRG) displays how to view and export individual quantitative Faculty Course Evaluation (FCE) Reports in CoursEval. 


Every semester after grades have been submitted results are uploaded up in Box for each department. If you are new to the role of reviewing evaluation results for your department, please contact

If the guest lecture is an affiliate of the university, then the guest lecture can be added to the system of record and receive an evaluation. Please email with the Full Name(s), NetID(s), and GUID(s) (8 digit number on the bottom of the GU ID card. 

If you have a faculty member that needs to be on a course, but not evaluated, place that faculty member at one percent. After this task has been completed, email to inform the CoursEval manager.

If you have started your evaluation and cannot finish it, the survey will save itself. However, please note that the survey will not submit itself. You must log back in and finish and submit the survey. 

CoursEval can be used with the following browsers for both PC and Mac:

Mozilla Firefox 
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

While CoursEval may run in other browsers, it has only been tested on the browsers listed above.

If you are receiving an email asking you to complete the survey and you already did, it is more than likely that you did not select the Submit button to confirm the survey has been submitted.

Results from course evaluations are used throughout the university for many essential purposes. Faculty use evaluation results to edit teaching style, course materials and course structure. Departments and Deans use results in decisions regarding rank, tenure and promotion of faculty as well as program design and class offerings. Students use evaluation results during pre-registration and add/drop in selecting courses and instructors for the future or current semester.

1.They prepare the syllabus

2. They teach the course

3. They enter grades

4. They receive course evaluations

Quantitative Result requests can be made by filling out the following google form:

Individual Faculty Quantitative Course Evaluation Request Form

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Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

How to build a Survey Intelligence Report
How to Access FCE Quantitative Results in CoursEval.  (new window)

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