How to Use CoursEval

CoursEval Login

How To Log In

How To Access Results in Courseval


How To Add Optional Questions

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Before the survey opens, Faculty can choose up to 5 optional questions to add to the standard questions asked in the survey.

To add additional questions to this list, faculty can submit proposed questions to the Registrar's Office at, no later than 3 weeks prior to the end date for their class as listed in the schedule.

How to Set Custom Windows

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Our research indicates that the highest response rates are achieved when faculty allow time in class for their students to complete the evaluations, but set the survey window to remain open for at least 24 hours following the in-class administration. This ensures that students who are absent or forget their laptops/mobile devices still have an opportunity to complete the surveys.


Once the survey becomes available, the students will receive email reminders listing the courses for which they still have pending evaluations. These emails will contain a link to the CoursEval website, where students can log-in using their NetID and password. Courses with pending evaluations will appear on the Home Screen once students are logged-in.

The Main Campus Executive Faculty has recommended that the default method for administration of course evaluations be changed such that the new standard is for faculty to reserve at least 15 minutes of class time during the last week of classes in which to allow your students to complete your course evaluation. Please remind students to bring laptops, tablets, smart phones or other mobile devices to class with them on that date so that they will be able to access the survey.


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Once the Office of the Registrar has set up your survey, you can preview what it looks like to your students.  If you've added optional questions to your survey, you can also confirm that they are showing up on the survey by previewing it.