Course Evaluations


How to Use CoursEval


Evaluation Timeline

The following timeline represents the approximate evaluation timeline that applies to faculty teaching in the Fall and Spring semesters. View the Opting Out of Results Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for detailed steps. Those faculty teaching courses on any other schedule should contact the Registrar's Office regarding their off-cycle courses via email at

Evaluation Policies

  • The Office of the Registrar does not, by default, evaluate (a) courses with only one student enrolled, (b) internships, labs, recitations or independent studies, (c) courses taught in certain departments such as ENFL, ATHL, DEVM, ECIL SABR. Evaluations are also not default for courses ending outside the standard course end date for the semester, instructors listed with a percentage of responsibility from zero to four percent, and Teaching Assistants are not evaluated.
  • Courses included in the above categories can be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar if requested by the faculty or department responsible for the course. To have such courses included for evaluation, faculty and department administrators must contact the Registrar's Office at at the beginning of each semester.
  • The online evaluations are completely anonymous. Instructors, departments and Deans can see feedback in an aggregated form or as individual response sets, but the responses are never attributed to specific students. Instructors, departments and Deans will not be able to determine which students completed evaluations and which students did not.
  • Faculty do not receive any evaluation results until after all grades have been submitted for each course. Likewise, the evaluation survey will close before final exams begin and before grades for the semester become available to students.
  • Only active and current students in a course may complete an evaluation survey for that course. Students who have withdrawn from or dropped the course will not be invited to complete an evaluation survey. The data in CoursEval is updated from the Banner system nightly throughout the semester to ensure that the system contains the most accurate enrollment data.
  • The results of some questions (Section I, question 5; Section II, questions 2, 3, 5 & 6; Section III, questions 2, 3, & 5) are published online in the schedule of classes, available to students through MyAccess, unless otherwise specified by faculty through the Course Evaluation Request Form on MyAccess. Using this form, faculty can opt out of having their results published each semester.  This form is active until three weeks before the end of the semester.  At that point faculty can no longer use this form.  
  • Quantitative results (multiple choice questions) are provided to faculty, department Chairs, program directors, Deans, and the Provost for use in rank, tenure and merit decisions. Qualitative results (comments) are available only through CoursEval and only to the faculty member to whom they pertain. Comments are not shared with department Chairs, Deans, the Provost or their designees. Results can only be provided to anyone other than these individuals with the written consent of that individual faculty member.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What should I include in my syllabus to direct students to the online survey?

2.  When may I see the results of the electronic evaluation survey?

3.  How are evaluations handled for team-taught courses?


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What should I include in my syllabus to direct students to the online survey?

You could include a message like the following: “Please note that your course and instructor will be evaluated online. Your feedback is important to us. You will receive email messages from the Office of the University Registrar with a link to the site and log-in information.”

You might also include the standard dates of survey availability for the semester (7 days before through 3 days after the last day of classes) or the customized dates and times you have selected for your course.

The link for the CoursEval site is Students should choose the “MyCoursEval Portal” link under the “Main Campus” heading and log-in using their NetID and password.


When may I see the results of the electronic evaluation survey?

Once the survey has closed, instructors will be able to see their evaluation results in MyAccess as soon as their grades are submitted. Results will be available in CoursEval at the beginning of the following term.


How are evaluations handled for team-taught courses?

All instructors must be evaluated with the same instrument at the same time.

On the evaluation survey, students will be provided with independent evaluation questions for each instructor within the survey for that course.

Faculty will only be able to view results to questions about themselves and cannot view responses about other faculty members teaching the course.

Only Primary instructors can use the Course Evaluation Request Form in MyAccess to indicate that they wish not to be evaluated. Faculty who are not listed as primary should contact Caitlin Harding at All instructors will have the option of choosing not to have their results released to the student report by using the form in MyAccess.



The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for collecting, tabulating, and reporting on course and faculty evaluations. Evaluation results are used in decision making for faculty rank, tenure, and merit review.

The Registrar’s Office administers online course evaluations only, paper evaluations are no longer offered.

Online course evaluations through the Office of the University Registrar are offered only at the end of each course; however, CNDLS offers mid-semester evaluation services, called Mid-Semester Group Feedback Sessions. Please visit CNDLS for more information.