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It is the policy of the University Registrar that all classrooms are held for classes as the first priority; credit courses are scheduled first, non-credit courses second, and all other ad hoc room requests are held until said courses are reasonably situated. We try whenever possible to accommodate all valid requests for classroom use. Due to high demand, all requestors should be aware that their first choice of a particular room is often not available, but we make every effort to find suitable space for courses and special events.

It is the policy of Georgetown University to prohibit the consumption of food, beverages, and smoking materials in all university classrooms and carpeted corridors. Any activities that will potentially cause damage to the space, furniture, or equipment (e.g., stacking of furniture, dancing, etc.,) are prohibited. Any sound (e.g., musical rehearsals or amplified sound) that is audible to those in contiguous classrooms is also prohibited. All users of classrooms are expected to honor this policy.