Building a Schedule of Classes

Electronic Schedule Collection Process Instructions

The schedule of classes is created from several different sources and is compacted into the schedule delivered to departments via Box:

  • Registrar’s Office will provide schedule information via Box, including:
    • Memo from the Registrar
    • Instructions
    • Parts-of-term dates and names (called session in CourseLeaf)
    • CourseLeaf Phases which includes information on start and end dates of when the schedule can be edited. 
    • Scheduling Policies and Guidelines
    • Course Profile Reports
    • Course Catalog Inventory

The Course Inventory lists unused course numbers. Return this form if you wish to retire courses which will no longer be given.

  • Course Count by Meeting Time

The Course Count by Meeting Time is used this to determine the number of courses you may schedule at each time block. This report is based on room utilization in the previous like semester. Please do not schedule additional courses at peak hours without consulting us.

  • Distribution of Classes by Day (M-F)
  • Percentage of Meetings Before 9:30
  • Percentage of Meetings by Hour
  • Percent Room Usage

The  Percent of Rooms in Use report shows the percent of rooms used at each hour during the previous like semester. Use this to find peak hours.

  • Course Analysis-Student Distribution by School

The Course Analysis report is used to plan enrollments.

The course inventory contains all courses by department. Course numbers can be reused only after a sufficient amount of time has passed (about four years) to ensure students will not take the same course number twice.  The section draws course information (i.e. title, credits, schedule type) from the active course inventory to provide consistency from year to year. Sections are published in the Schedule of classes.  The restrictions and prerequisites are listed, and syntax may allow or limit those that may enroll.

The faculty file links faculty to courses. To add any faculty or graduate teacher to this file [1F3], the University Registrar requires the following information:  GUID number, full name, netid.

CourseLeaf will be used starting for the Fall 2016 schedule creation process. Click the above link to access CourseLeaf. If you do not have an account please contact the Manager of Scheduling Systems. CourseLeaf is located here:

  • Update catalog throughout the year using the Course Catalog Inventory report to select numbers.
    • Submit Course Catalog Change Form for course specific data, including:  effective term; course number; title; credits; grade mode; pre-requisites (be sure to include connectors “and” or “or” if more than one); restrictions; and fees.  The catalog change form is located here:
  • Compare Course Profile Reports to courses in CourseLeaf to be sure that you have attended to all sections imported from the prior like semester.
  • Delete all courses from CourseLeaf that were offered prior like semester, but will not be offered in the upcoming semester.
  • Add courses to CourseLeaf that were not offered prior like semester, but will be offered in the upcoming semester.
  • Update all sections that were offered prior like semester, and will be offered in the upcoming semester.
    • Update all fields available in CourseLeaf.
      • Please pay careful attention to section numbers, especially when adding sections.  In most cases, they should be 2 digits (using a leading 0) and no alpha characters.
      • If you have section dates that do not line up with parts-of-term dates provided to you by the Registrar’s Office, please provide exact section dates.
      • Waitlist should be 25, except for SCS programs that should be zero.
      • Whether a course has one instructor or multiple instructors, responsibility should equal 100% in total.
      • Only one instructor may be designated as primary.
      • If you are choosing a non-Registrar room from the drop down menu, please ensure that it has been properly reserved.
    • Print flag is not currently working in CourseLeaf, so please submit this information to the Registrar via the Section Change form.
    • All other information (e.g. room preferences) should be submitted to Registrar via Comments section in CourseLeaf.  Section Text is only for information that you wish to be printed in the published schedule of classes (e.g. students must attend first class, or lose their place—not for data elements available elsewhere such as pre-reqs or restrictions).

Please follow these conventions when proofing your schedule:

  • Instructor names are limited to 15 characters including spaces.
  • Titles may be up to 30 characters including spaces.
  • Check the number of credits, expected enrollment, and maximum enrollment.
  • Last year's room assignments are listed, but many of these will be changed. Indicate special classroom needs, special AV requirements and other instructional equipment needs  in the comments textbox in CourseLeaf.  If the room was unsatisfactory when it was last taught, please include a note.
  • Pass/Fail courses must be indicated in the Section Change Form under 'Grade Mode'.
  • Insert special notes in CourseLeaf in the Section Text field. Notes from the previous year are included for review.
  • Cross-listed courses should be coordinated with the originating department to match the course number and title on the catalog change form.

Review all faculty information. The information will be used to create course evaluation reports.

The University Registrar may need to contact you with questions after you have submitted your schedule.