The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for enabling students to register for courses in a timely and efficient way. All undergraduate students at Georgetown should pre-register online through MyAccess and may use the following resources to aid their decision-making:

Helpful Links

General Pre-Registration Instructions

  • All undergraduate students must pre-register. All graduate students should pre-register. MBA students register using the MSB bidding system. SCS graduate student register using real-time registration.
  • Services are accessed through MyAccess. MyAccess services requires a NetID and password. See the University Information Services Help Desk if you do not have this information.
  • When you access services through MyAccess you will be required to review and correct addresses and biographical information.
  • Syllabi and a list of required and recommended books will be available through the online Schedule of Classes if the faculty member has provided them. From the list of courses in the schedule, click on 'View Course Description'. The syllabi will be present on the preceeding page, if it is available for the selected course. 
  • Meet with your advisor. 
  • Remove any financial, immunization, immigration or other registration blocks.
  • Submit your schedule to your advisor for approval via MyAccess no later than the end of the pre-registration process (see important dates).
  • If you do not preregister, then you must register and pay on designated registration day at the start of the semester in order to avoid a late fee (see important dates).
  • "Permission required" courses will require that you complete the Preregistration Course Permission Form. Undergraduate students must submit this form and an outline of study to their advisor and Dean for approval. Registration for tutorials or graduate credit courses require faculty and Dean's approvals.
  • Students are expected to request their schedule be approved by their academic advisor. Deans reserve the right to require changes if, in the Dean's judgment, the student deviates from curricular guidelines. Students must check their email regularly; if a scheduling change occurs, the student will be notified.
  • Check the official schedule of classes to confirm courses, times, and rooms just before the start of classes. Some departments make last-minute meeting time and/or classroom changes.
  • On the first Wednesday of the semester, classes follow a regular Monday schedule.
  • Students with disabilities should contact the Office of Learning and Disability Support Services to receive appropriate registration assistance.
  • For Georgetown students who intend to register for a consortium course or consortium students who intend to register for a Georgetown course, please review this information for Consortium Students. 
  • Go to MyAccess to Pre-register for courses. Don’t wait until the end or forget to submit your requests.
  • MBA Students use an alternate form of prioritized registration called "bidding". See the MBA website for the schedule and instructions. MBA students may only bid for courses offered in the McDonough School of Business.
  • Graduate SCS students begin the registration process using real-time registration (rather than pre-registration). SCS students may register only for courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies. Registration for non-SCS courses can be accommodated with special permission of the dean beginning during pre-registration completion.
  • Pre-registration results will be available on the day before the last day of the semester.
  • Students who have been accepted in the number of courses they have selected have finished the course registration process (unless they wish to make changes).
  • Students who are accepted into fewer than the number of courses they have selected should add up to a full schedule during pre-registration completion. See instructions and important dates.

Step-by-Step Pre-Registration Instructions

  • Select and arrange your courses to maximize your chance of getting a complete schedule that meets your degree requirements and that is interesting. Information on how courses closed in previous semesters is available in MyAccess so you can predict what priority you should assign to have a chance of getting a course. Use DegreeWorks, and Attribute and Key Word searches to help you find the right courses.
  • Refer to the Schedule of Classes to build your schedule. Use the Search Tab or key the CRN (5-Digit Course Reference Number).
  • All requests will be processed together at the end of the pre-registration period based on scheduling algorithm rules including: class year, major, and the course sequence priority you assign. The rules will give additional priority to the first two courses you list in your majors. Courses eligible for major priority are marked with an asterisks after you enter them. These may be listed after non-major electives that are popular or in demand provided you are not in a major where there is competition for seats even among majors.
  • All the Primary Requests are processed  first (primary priority 1, then primary priority 2, then primary priority 3, primary priority 4, primary priority 5, etc.); then Alternate Requests are processed, if all the Primary Requests fail. Use any section option to improve chances of getting a complete schedule. All primaries are scheduled first.
  • Restrictions will pop-up for some courses. These will not prevent you from requesting the course, but a completed Course Permission Form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar for your request to succeed. The same is true if you have a registration hold. You should submit your course requests but they will not succeed unless you remove the hold.
  • SAVE your requests so you do not lose them when you time-out or if it is still a work-in-progress.
  • SUBMIT your requests for approval by your advisor and Dean. If they have questions, they may return your requests for suggested changes. Once you submit you can no longer make changes unless your dean returns your request.
  • Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for assistance.
  • Student-Athletes, please see the Student-Athlete Priority Request Form.