Registration Instructions and Instructional Videos


During registration, students may add and drop courses through MyAccess.  Students must know their correct class standing to determine their assigned registration slot. Please see registration  Important Dates for your registration windows through the end of add/drop. 

Note: Holds are barrier to registration. Students should check their holds in MyAccess prior to registration and take action to resolve their holds.

Registration Training Videos

Registration: Trainning  videos.

Student Guide - Solutions to Registration Barriers  (learn about registration error messages and how to resolve the error)


Adding a Course

  • Log in to MyAccess.
  • Click on the “Student” tab.
  • Click on the “Registration” link.
  • Click on the “Select Term” link. A scroll down box will appear: Select the term you would like to register for and then click the “Submit” button.
  • The first time you log in, you may need to review and click through the biographical and personal information before proceeding to register.
  • Click on the “Add or Drop Courses” link. 
  • To add a course, scroll down to the “Add Classes Worksheet” section. Type the course’s CRN (Course Request Number) in the boxes provided.
  • If the course is closed, you will see a “Registration Error” message.
  • Undergrad Student Record, review your Student Schedule to confirm you are correctly registered.

Note: If a class is closed (c) you may not register because the class is full.

Dropping a Course

  • To drop a course, click on the “Action” scroll down menu to the left of the CRN number. Select “Drop on Web,” and then click on the “Submit Changes” button.
  • Review your revised Student Schedule to verify the changes you made are reflected.

Explanation of Registration Error Messages

Closed- [n] Waitlisted

There are no remaining seats in the class for you. There is a waitlist for the class. Note: You have not been added to the waitlist. To add yourself to the waitlist, choose "Waitlisted" from the "Action" scroll-down menu and then click the "Submit Changes" button.

Time conflict with [Course Number] Time conflict with the class listed.
Repeat Count Exceeds 0 You have already taken this course.
Duplicate Course with Section/Duplicate CRN You are already registered for the same or another section of this course.
Maximum Hours Exceeded Your credit limit has been reached.

Professor permission required.

Student Not Eligible to Register A registration or student account block may be in place.
Prerequisite or Test Score Error This course has a pre-requisite that you have not taken.
Mutual Exclusion with [Course Number] Department Restriction This course is Mutually Exclusive with the course listed. You tried to enroll in the wrong section of a cross listed courses. E.g., JD students may only enroll in the LAWJ section and LMM students may only enroll in the LAWG section.