Registration Completion


Registration Completion is intended for students who requested but were not given a full schedule during Pre-Registration. During this period, those students may add and drop courses through MyAccess. Participation in Registration Completion is mandatory for undergraduate students who did not participate in Pre-Registration; and for full-time undergraduate students with fewer than 12 credits. Students who were given a full schedule during Pre-Registration may also elect to add and drop courses during Completion. 

Registration Completion starts at different times for different students. Please see pre-registration completion dates for real-time registration windows through the end of add/drop. 

Please note:

  • Closed courses that have a waitlist and open seats will be included in the waitlist run during pre-registration completion. 
  • During Registration Completion, students may not reduce the number of credits registered to below full-time status. Students who wish to add a sixth course must add that class with Decanal approval.
  • Academic advisors and Deans reserve the right to require schedule changes if it is deemed that registered courses are outside of curricular guidelines.
  • If you use a paper add/drop form, remember to obtain your dean's or advisors signature. 
  • If you have questions or concerns, please come to the Office of the University Registrar any time after your scheduled start time (see pre-registration completion dates).