New Programs

Certificate Program Proposal Form for credit and non-credit programs

The University Registrar is responsible for submitting new degree/certificate program curricular information to the the Federal government on an annual basis. Information is used for District of Columbia licensure and disclosure is a requirement for the dispersement of Federal funds on behalf of students. As a result, students may receive Federally-subsidized loans and veterans' benefits.

New degree/certificate programs must be submitted to the University Registrar at least six months prior to the start of the first term of the program. For graduate certificates, this submission is in addition to the Proposal for New/Modified Graduate Programs  provided to the Graduate School Executive Committee. Failure to provide information may delay the disbursement of student loans and put veterans' benefits in jeopardy. The following information must be included:

  1. A detailed outline of the curriculum, including major concentrations
  2. Faculty qualifications
  3. An estimate of the projected student enrollment
  4. A formal description of the financial resources sufficient to fulfill the objectives of the programs
  5. A description of the relationship of the program to instiutional objectives
  6. Relevant library, laboratory, and similar resources
  7. The intended date of the initial awarding of the degree
  • Due to the stringent reporting requirements, please break out each response by line item

For questions about this policy, please contact Kim Sneed.