Spring Opening of School Registration

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • All Students check and correct your address and bio information on MyAccess. Something important:  Be sure to enter emergency contact information in MyAccess for the Emergency Alert System.  
  • Returning students who are fully pre-registered and fully prepaid have completed registration.     
  • Returning students who are not making course changes but wish to settle their bill, pay on MyAccess or see Student Accounts.
  • Returning students who have already registered may add/drop on MyAccess.  See registration schedule on the Registrar’s website. See dean/department for academic advice.  
  • Returning students with registration blocks, see your dean to discuss your course schedule even if you can’t resolve the block during registration.
  • New Students who wish to register for courses may register on MyAccess.  See registration schedule on the Registrar’s website.  See dean/department for academic advice and approval if you have no courses. 

Special Notes:

  • Students with disabilities may go to the Registrar’s Office for registration assistance if needed.
  • International students who have not reported visa type to the University go to Office of Global Services (OGS), (210 Car Barn).  Bring passport and immigration documents. 
  • Students with financial blocks go to Student Accounts in White Gravenor. 
  • Students with immunization block go to Student Primary Care Clinic.
  • Veterans: Go to the GU Veterans Office (224 Car Barn) and fill out the appropriate forms for enrollment certification .
  • Net ID resets can be done through the UIS Help Desk.  If you have not yet received a net ID, see the Registrar. 

1.    REGISTRATION AUTHORIZATION & MATERIALS  (for those who wish to register in person)
Pick up registration material/be sure you are eligible to register:         

  • International Exchange Students go to OGS Resource Center (210 Car Barn)   
  • Visiting Credit Non-Degree SCS students go to 640 Mass. Ave. NW.  Deadline for submission of forms was Dec. 12. 
  • New graduate students go to academic departments. 
  • New undergraduate degree candidates go to your dean’s office.
  • Post-Bac-Pre-Med students go to Georgetown College, 108 White Gravenor
  • Undergraduate special students go to Registrar’s Office on January 6.                                        

Students who have not been activated in the registration system/ have no registration materials:

  • Check at Registrar’s Front Counter in White-Gravenor.
  • Readmitted students go to Dean for a Permit to Register and course approval and then to Registrar’s Office.
  • New students go to your admissions office for Permit and then to Dean or grad department for course approval.

2.    COURSE SELECTION APPROVAL (for those with no courses) 

  • Check Schedule of Classes from the Registrar’s web site for seats available.                    
  • Have your course selections approved as required. Undergraduates see your dean to remove “Needs Advisement” flag. 
  • Changes to Academic Program information must be approved by dean.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Students – 

  • New students go to your department for course approval and then register on MyAccess, or if you do not have a NetID, go to the Registrar’s Office to register for courses. 
  • Returning students should register on MyAccess.  For questions, go to the Registrar’s Office.  

SCS Students – 

  • BALS students  for answers to questions see SCS representative at 640 Mass Ave NW. 
  • Graduate level SCS students should register through MyAccess.  
  • Visiting Credit Non-Degree SCS students. Deadline to apply was Dec 12.      
  • Returning and new Senior Citizen Auditors: See Anne Ridder in 225 ICC.

Undergraduate students  in GC, NH, FS, MB who have not started course registration or need help:  

GC: Dean’s Office, WGR or ICC                  MB:  120 Hariri,
Special Students Registrar’s Office            NH:  STM 207/212
Exchange Students: OIP 210 Car Barn       FS: ICC 301

For Consortium Courses:    Obtain form from Dean or Registrar, complete form and get required approval signatures (Undergraduates: Dean, Graduates: Acad. Advisor and Graduate Student Services, Car Barn 207 then take to Registrar’s Office.)

3.    COURSE REGISTRATION (Registrar’s Office  - White Gravenor for  in-person help with registration)

  • Course registration & submission of corrected address & biographic data.  A staff member will attempt to place you in the courses approved by your dean.  If you are unable to complete your schedule with approved courses, return to STEP 2.  
  • If you have prepaid or arranged a payment plan, you are done!   
  • Accepting or waiving Student Health Insurance is required and can  be done through MyAccess or by going to 1420 36th St. NW by January 30.
  • For Financial Aid information go to Healy G-19 (under steps to President’s Office). 
  • To pay, arrange a payment plan or make other corrections to your bill go to Student Accounts.   


  • Correct Housing charges at that office before going to Student Accounts.  
  • Correct Board Plan through MyAccess by February 2, 2015.
  • Pay your bill, arrange monthly payment plan, or outside billing.

           For New ID Cards go to GOCard Office in Darnall Hall G-3.