Grading Policies

Grading Deadlines

Fall Grades

Undergraduate students: December 27th

Graduate students: January 3rd

First Module courses: one week after the course ends

Spring Grades

Graduating students: 10:00 am on the Monday after examinations end

Continuing undergraduate students: Wednesday after examinations end

Continuing graduate students: Monday after Commencement

First Module courses: one week after the course ends

Summer Grades

Undergraduate grades: one week after the end of each session

Graduate grades: two weeks after the end of each session.


1. Submit your grades by going to MyAccess and then to “Faculty Services”

2. From there, select “Term”, and then “Course Number (CRN)”. Your courses will be listed

3. Then go to the “Final Grades” (You may also start at “Summary Class Lists” but that requires more clicks)

4. Pull down the list of approved grades. Unlike Faculty Access+ there is no requirement for double entry but you must click “Submit” to post your grades

5. After you click “Submit”, then you should review the grades you have posted by going back to “Final Grades

*Note “Rolled” is indicated with a “Y” when the grades are posted on a student’s record. While the flag is “N” you may change the grades on line. After we roll, you have to use the grade change process. We roll grades between 6:00 pm and midnight each night. The grade reporting service is available for use now.

Please note

  • Send grading comments to us by writing to For now, no pop up will appear so you must remember to send notes as appropriate.
  • Be sure to send a note with name, ID number, and grade for any student who attended the class but does not appear on the roster.
  • You are not required to submit all grades at once, but you should submit one for each student by the deadline. You may record “NR” for any student for whom you are not able to submit a grade but please provide an explanation. We may change some of these to “F” (FA) according to University policy. We are required to record “F” (FA) for undergraduates and “NR” for graduates for whom you do not submit a grade and for whom the dean does not approve an exception. If you do not submit a roster, “NR” will be reported for all students.
  • Valid grades appear in a pull-down box in the grade column.

Provisional and Non-Reported Grades

'N' = provisional grade for undergraduate students. 'N' grades must be approved by the dean. Unauthorized 'N' grades will be recorded as 'F.' When an 'N' grade is granted, the course must be completed and the final grade submitted by the professor no later than:

  1. March 30 for the fall semester
  2. September 30 for the spring semester
  3. November 30 for the summer sessions.

(See Undergraduate Bulletin)

'I' = provisional grade for graduate students. 'I' grades for MSFS students must be approved by the director. Graduate students must submit the completed work to the instructor in a timely manner, sufficient to enable the instructor to review the work and to send a final grade to the Graduate School before the last day of classes in the semester following the semester in which the incomplete (‘I’) grade was given. (See Graduate bulletin)


Grade reports are mailed once a year in mid-May. Grades can also be viewed anytime online (except during final exams) with MyAccess.

The University Registrar is responsible for collecting, recording, and reporting grades on behalf of the main campus colleges at Georgetown University. Policy governing academic standards for grading is detailed in the Georgetown University Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins.

To expedite grading and retreival through MyAccess, the University Registrar requests that all grading for credit courses be done through MyAccess. Rosters will become available after classes officially end. If you do not feel comfortable posting grades online, please request a paper grade roster. Additionally, to conform with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, please do not post grades and/or other confidential material (SSNs) in a public space.