Refud Periods for Spring 2014 semester will be published once data is  available.

Refund period dates and percentages listed below are provided by GU English as a Foreign Language Program. Please contact GU EFL Program with any questions on these dates or percentages.

Should an EFL student voluntarily withdraw from courses, credit for tuition will be calculated by the date of the student’s official notice to the ENFL Program Office, according to the periods and percentages below.

Fall Semester  (8/26 –12/13/2013)

Before August 26, 2013                                  100% Refund   
August 26 – September 1, 2013                      Full tuition minus deposit ($200)*
September 2 – September 8, 2013                  75% Refund
September 9 – September 15, 2013                50% Refund
On or after September 16, 2013                      No refunds.

*EFL Program Office notifies GU Office of Billing and Payment of  $200 deposit to be withheld from account refund.

Course Lab or Material Fees: The Department offering a course may charge a Lab or Materials Fee to students enrolled in the course. Course fees are published with individual courses’ details in GU’s online Schedule of Classes. Click on the highlighted course number/title to go to course Details page. Course lab and materials fees automatically are removed from a student’s account when the student officially drops the course during the Add/Drop Period at start of the semester. Course Lab or Materials Fees are not refunded for courses from which the student Withdraws after the semester’s Add/Drop period has ended.

Yates Fee: The Yates Field House Fee is a mandatory University fee charged to students enrolled full-time in courses. The Yates Fee cannot be waived nor removed from the accounts of full-time enrolled students.